Day Of The Dead

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Frightening people wearing costumes depicting zombies, skeletons and other scary characters, were seen roaming the streets of Mexico along with Sao Paolo. They were enjoying the Day of the Dead thrilling celebrations that occurred on Saturday, November 2nd.

What is Day of The Dead?

Day of The Dead is a holiday. It is a Mexican one celebrated across this country, mainly in the Central as well as South regions, along with the people of Mexican heritage. It was last held on November 2, 2019.

It is usually interpreted like South America’s Halloween, and this two-day celebration tends to be the process of welcoming the dead along with giving them the ability to talk to the living. The living must not be scared of their return, and they should not revive any old hatreds they have.

The significance of this day is to pray for and also remember friends and family members that have passed away. They aid them in supporting their spiritual journey. Mexican culture views death like a natural area of the human cycle. It is not seen as a day to be sad but one of celebration as those who have died awake and take part in the celebrations with them.

Celebrations that occur on the Day of The Dead

Day Of The Dead

There are different celebrations that are undertaken on this day. Altars are created so as to remember the dead. There are traditional dishes that are cooked for this special day.

Apart from Zombie Walks, that have occurred throughout the Americas along with in Sao Paolo, from 2006, these alter get set up lovingly by families. The one who has died, their favorite food as well as drink are laid.

Aztec marigolds and calaveras (i.e. sugar skulls are taken and then placed at the graves of those who have gone.

By doing this, people feel like they are communicating with their loved ones who have died. This makes them feel happy. Different customs are present to honor the dead across the globe, and this is also one of them popular in Mexico.

Halloween and Day of The Dead connections

From the above description, it can be deduced that there are similarities between Halloween and the Day of the Dead celebrations. Dia De los Muertos or Day of the Dead is for indigenous communities whilst Halloween’s spooky day of ghouliness tends to be from the Celtic tradition. When looking at Day of the Dead, this is from Mesoamerican pagal rituals.

A huge difference between the two holidays can be seen in the fact that the Day of the Dead celebrations does not celebrate death, rather it reveals within the life of those who are deceased.

They are similar when looking at the point that they both stress the concept that the barrier among the living as well as the dead is actually weaker on these particular days.

The days are at the same time in the year. Therefore people find it tough to differentiate among the two.

Different costumes were seen on the Day of The Dead

Many exciting and spooky characters were seen at the Day of The Dead parade and celebrations.

This included a person dressed like a dead Charro, i.e. a kind of horseman. In fact, this year’s festival was really near to the 500th anniversary that was of the Spanish conquest.

A group that was disguised like clowns were seen in Soledad Etla. They were scary clowns celebrating this day.

A zombie walk occurs as part of the celebration. This includes many costume-wearing revellers that march the street and are dressed like different ghoulish characters.

This year’s Day of the Dead festival is near to the anniversary of the horrific October 19, 1519 massacre. This was of many indiginous people at Cholula, which is east of Mexico City. There was someone seen dressed up as a devil.

The Mexican government has even made a formal request to Spain to give an apology for massacres. This national holiday may seem very spooky, but it is less than it seems. In fact, it is a day to remember loved ones that people have lost.

People become creative dressing up disguised as different characters to make the day be memorable.

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