Deactivate Trump: Trump account is going to ban on Twitter

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The president’s bad tweets are roaming all over and reasoning the disturbance of communities. #DeactivateTrump is becoming a top trend on Twitter.

Now, only a few weeks later, he is performing poorly, claiming baselessly that the election has been stolen from him. “I won this election, a lot!” He tweeted less than an hour. Even any major network didn’t announce the opposite. “We will win!” Four days later, he tweeted without hesitation.

Through all this, Twitter has never banned Trump. It didn’t even suspend him. Instead, the company sorted out its unwillingness to exclude Trump from the policy and made an exemption from the “world leaders, candidates, and public officials” rules. Incitement to violence, hate speech, targeted harassment: crimes that can remove others from Twitter are acceptable to Trump and other politicians.

This year, Twitter did begin to temper the president and general misinformation for the first time. In the spring, when Trump spread obvious information about the coronavirus, the company put a warning label on its tweets.

One way to predict whether Twitter will ban Trump is to look at its records in similar cases. In the past, Twitter has been very reluctant and somewhat vague about its decision to completely ban celebrities.

Trump is never banned from Twitter, mainly because of the many unpleasant tweets that Trump presidency is shocking, especially because he is the president.

Twitter is a company, not a government, so it is not subject to the First Amendment. But the company can use it as a guide in subtle situations, and speech that directly and immediately causes violence is only a narrow exception to the right to freedom of speech.

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Twitter is not mentioning

Twitter has been making policies because it must do so. Since the beginning of this year, its transparency in decision-making has been more transparent than in previous years, because the requirements for accountability have finally reached a level that cannot be ignored, but we can still only speculate on most of its decision-making process.

Twitter is not mentioning whether Trump will be suspended or banned if he continues to tweet destabilizing election misinformation after January 20, 2021.

If Trump is allowed to stay on Twitter, his power to speak after he resigns will not disappear. Throughout his presidency, he has gained more than 60 million followers, and his re-election did not make him lose his position as a social media star. Since Election Day, he has gained another 1.5 million followers.

So according to Twitter,

As long as Trump keeps his account on Twitter, reality will be distorted. The longer he stays there, the harder it is to see him.

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