Death Hoax Given To Betty White

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Betty White, who is a famous American actress as well as comedian, having the longest television career present of any entertainer, which spans 80 years, has been a victim of a death hoax. This is at the age of 97, however rep state that she is okay.

Fake rumor of Betty White dying

Social media went into a frenzy at the time when someone made a sick joke headline, claiming that Betty White has died in Los Angeles. This circulated upon Twitter within this week.

Despite this horrendous headline, Betty’s rep clarified that she is alive and in fact really well. Betty has experienced past death hoaxes, like in 2015 as well as 2014. This famous actress will be 98 when it is her birthday on 2 January 2020.

Some famous films of Betty White

Betty White’s film credits encompass “The Proposal”, “Lake Placid” as well as “Toy Story 4”.

She was seen in “Hot in Cleveland”, “That ‘70s Show”, “The Lorax”, “You Again”, etc. There are many other shows and movies where she has played a prominent role.

Betty White in “The Golden Girls”

Betty White

She is known mainly for her role in the entertaining long-running sitcom, i.e. “The Golden Girls” where she played Rose Nyland. This show was present from 1985 till 1992 having 180 episodes present across seven seasons.

Betty’s co-stars included Rue McClanahan like Blanche Devereaux, Estelle Getty like Sophia Petrillo as well as Bea Arther like Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak. These three actresses have passed away.

Brief background of Betty White

Betty Marion White Ludden who was born on January 17, 1922, was born in Oak Park, Illinois, the U.S. Her hometown is Beverly Hills, California, U.S. She is thought to be a pioneer of television and is one of the first ladies to have control in front of as well as behind the camera. She is seen as the first lady to produce a sitcom as well.  This helped in her getting the honorary title, i.e. “Mayor of Hollywood”. This was in 1955. From this, it can be seen that she is an independent lady.

Betty is famous for her award-winning roles like Sue Ann Nivens when on the exciting “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. This aired from 1973-77. As stated above, she is also known for her role in “The Golden Girls.” The prestigious “Writers Guild of America” included these sitcoms within its list of the amazing best-written TV series.  She is also famous due to her role as Elka Ostrovsky in the entertaining “Hot in Cleveland”. This was from 2010-15.

She is involved in American game shows. In fact, she has been said to be the honorable “First Lady of Game Shows”.

She was the first lady to get an Emmy Award that was for “Outstanding Game Show Host” which was in 1983. This was for the entertaining show “Just Men!” There are also some other places where she is famous.

Some Emmy Awards

Betty has gotten eight Emmy Awards and that in some categories. She got three wonderful American Comedy Awards, a Grammy Award as well as three amazing Screen Actors Guild Awards. To stop this, she has a famous star present on the amazing Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is even a good Television Hall of Fame inductee (i.e. class of 1995), as well as a Disney Legend (i.e. class of 2009).

Betty White’s involvement in literature

White is not only famous for her acting, but she has also written some wonderful books. She is, therefore, a popular writer apart from being a famous actress.

Betty’s Secret to a long life

It was last year that Betty shared her wonderful secret to a prosperous and long life. She claimed that to live a long life one must enjoy their life and look for the positive in all situations. The positive must be emphasized always.

Betty who has been in this entertainment industry for around 76 years, told “Parade” that no matter what one does they will be judged so it is better to simply focus on the positive side of this as well.

Fans across the globe will be satisfied and can rest assured that Betty White is fine.

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