A Quick Look Into US Democratic Debate: Voting Rights & Saudia Arabia Impeachment

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Americans were given a strong reason to stick on their television screens on Wednesday throughout the whole day. Well, the idea behind it has been the hot topic of discussion about the US Democratic Debate! Many of us watched how the top leading US diplomat gives away the interesting and yet the explosive testimony on top of the Trump impeachment process inquiry. Again another exciting impeachment hearing was mentioned to be followed upon. As the testimony was wrapped up in two hours, the Democratic 2020 presidential made their way on the stage to conduct the 5th debate related to the campaign season.

Who Hosted US Democratic Debate 2020 Session? 

This whole debating session was hosted under the supervision of Washington Post newspaper as well as MSNBC in Atlanta, Georgia. In the starting stages, they welcomed around ten candidates on the main stage. This was including the names of Former Vice President Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, South Bend, Kamala Harris, Indiana, US Representative Tulsi Gabbard, as well as businessman Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang.

Now let’s talk about the main issues which were addressed in the debating session last night!

Democratic Debate
Who Hosted US Democratic Debate 2020 Session?

Issue No 1: Impeachment Inquiry 

This was the first debating session that happened to take place ever since the Democratic-led impeachment investigatory session was transferred into the public property. Thus, this whole inquiry was put right on top of the candidate mindset. Warren, who is the early supporter of the Trump Impeachment, stated that we are in need to set-up a principle that clarifies the fact that no one is above the standards of law. Almost nine witnesses are expected to appear this week to testify themselves. Some of them were part of the scandal on a high level as compared to other witnesses, whereas some of them were more eager to somehow defend Donald Trump on a political basis as compared to others! Every single person has some constitutional responsibility, which they should be fulfilling at any cost.

Issue No 2: Fifth Democratic Debate By Joe Biden

Joe Biden, who is the former Vice President, came ahead to talk about the fifth Democratic debate! Trump has ultimately denied all the pieces of evidence which is proving him wrong and even accused the Biden with corruption allegations without presenting any pieces of evidence in his opposition. According to Biden, he thinks that Donald is afraid of facing him in the coming 2020 election, and therefore, he is putting such allegations on him. Almost every single candidate had a strong stance over Trump and impeachment inquiry, and they did support the inquiry session in their debates. They even requested the Democrats to continue the impeachment and do not lose focus even for a single second.

Issue No 3: Saudi Arabia & Khashoggi

Another hot topic of debate was about Saudi Arabia & Khashoggi! Almost all the candidates were inquired about a single question which was related to Saudia Arabia. They asked the candidates if they should be punishing Saudia Arabia for murdering the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Well, here we would like to mention that Khashoggi was working as an American newspaper column writer. He was killed in Saudia Arabia in 2018 as he moved into the Saudi consulate located in Istanbul, Turkey. According to inside sources, he was murdered by Saudia Arabia consulate, which was highlighted in the report along with the pieces of evidence. But still, Donald Trump was having close relationships with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) for which Donald had to face immense criticism. Biden mentioned in his debate that he would punish the government of Saudia Arabia for their wrongdoings and killing their columnists. According to Saudia Arabia officials, they have nothing to do with Khashoggi killing, and they have denied all the allegations.

Democratic Debate
Saudi Arabia & Khashoggi

Well, above all these significant issues, there were so many more common issues that were raised in the debating session one by one by the candidates. None of the problems was ordinary, and every single of it holds an essential place for the US Government and the upcoming elections. Among all these issues, the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump holds the primary significance.

What is your opinion about it?

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