Denmark has two little mermaids. Famous people are suing.

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ASAA, Denmark-On a windy day last week, two Danish vacationers Tina Pedersen and Jens Poulsen posed for a photo next to the mermaid statue.

In some respects, the sculpture seems familiar: the mermaid lives next to a harbor, puts the burden of her naked torso on one arm, and draped the fishtail delicately on a rock. But Pedersen and Poulsen are not in Copenhagen; they have been traveling to the waterfront across from Denmark.

Pedersen said:

“We heard on the radio that the “Little Mermaid” manor asked to destroy it.” “So we thought we had better take a look at it while we still had a chance.”

Denmark mermaid

The mermaid that has been watching the harbour in the village of Asaa in northern Denmark since 2016 is not a true representation of the landmark of the Danish capital.

However, for the heir of the artist Edward Eriksson who sculpted the Copenhagen statue, Asa Mermaid Bear is too similar. They initiated an authorization lawsuit, demanding not only monetary compensation but also the removal of Asaa’s sculpture in an appropriate way.

Alice Eriksen, the granddaughter of the artist and the person in charge of the property, who was contacted via mobile phone, declined to comment.

 “The case is ongoing,” she said.

The lawyers on both sides are still negotiating, but when the case goes to court, the ruling seems to activate the Asaa mermaid resembling the mermaid who has been sitting in the Port of Langurini in Copenhagen since 1913, when the brewing magnate and philanthropist Karl Jacobs Sen offered to send it to the town as a gift.

This sculpture is one of the most visited resorts in Copenhagen.

It is made of bronze and contains a short mermaid who puts her weight on the appropriate arm while tucking her tail neatly on the opposite side.

The Asaa mermaid is carved from granite, weighs 3 tons, is fuller, and has a thicker face. However, her posture is the same.

Denmark mermaid

The Asaa Mermaid was created by Palle Moerk, a regional artist and stonemason who was responsible for carving every tombstone and figurative sculpture. In many of the latter, gestures made by pigs, owls and human fingers is a popular subject.

He carved this mermaid 4 years ago, and then she was bought by a group of Asaa residents and donated to the group operating the port to commemorate its 140th anniversary.

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Eriksson’s heirs also sued Bjorn Norgard, the artist who incorporated the iconic portrait of “The Little Mermaid” into his personal work, which is equivalent to the “Genetically Modified Little Mermaid”, a statue that is now unique.

Only a few hundred meters. After Noergaard used the “Little Mermaid” in a collage in 2008, he became interested in this property.

 However, Eriksson’s heir did not admit it. He mentioned on the phone that “artists always refer to other artists.”

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