Deputies said: Girl brings knife to secondary school, threatens to stab ex-boyfriend

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SPARTANBURG School: A secondary school girl is charged once deputies claimed that she had brought a knife to high school, in keeping with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s workplace.

The incident began at regarding 12:30 p.m. once a deputy at Gable secondary school, in Roebuck, said he was approached by a parent, in keeping with the incident report. According to an event report, the deputy was approached by a parent outside the college who had received a text message from another student and commenced work.

SPARTANBURG School Girl brings knife to secondary school
SPARTANBURG School: Girl brings knife to secondary school

The woman told the deputy that her girl received texts regarding some girl in the school having a knife and threatening to stab her ex-boyfriend, the report said.

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The boy and girl were in the relationship for a period of time and was girlfriend boyfriend but now as per rumors they broke up recently. After the news that a girl in the school carries a knife with her, the faculty administration called that girl and asked about this incident. She took off the knife from her pocket and place it on the table without saying aword.

The girl admitted herself in very bold manner that she brings the knife to the school and keep it in her pocket because she is been threathening. A deputy engaging at Gable secondary school same a student admitted to transportation an outsized knife to highschool on the day which she had vulnerable to use the knife on her ex-boyfriend.

threatens to stab ex-boyfriend
Girl brings knife to secondary school, threatens to stab ex-boyfriend /image via shutter stock

The deputy stated that the school’s assistant principal force the woman in question into the workplace. Once questioned regarding the knife and therefore the threat, the deputy said the girl force an outsized knife from a pocket in her hoodie and placed it on the table. The choice to bring the knife to high school had reportedly stemmed from arguments the kid had been concerned in with the ex-boyfriend, during which violence had been mentioned..

Spartanburg administrative division Six officials discharged the subsequent statement to oldsters and students:

We would wish to cause you to awake to a scenario handled at Gable secondary school this morning. A parent complaint us that a student was carrying a room knife to high school these days to threaten another student. We tend to straightaway notified enforcement to start associate degree investigation. Once being questioned, the girl admitted for having the room knife, and has currently been charged. Safety is so a team effort, and that we greatly appreciate the parent who came forward.

The girl was charged for carrying a weapon on faculty property and was realeased to her mother, the incident report stated.

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