What occurred to Derrick Josi’s sibling? Insights into the Parents and Family

Derrick Josi is a farmer of the fourth generation who collaborates with Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon.

Derrick Josi cows make me happy.
Derrick Josi cows make me happy.

He is a well-known figure in the dairy community, recognized globally through Instagram and Facebook, where he shares insights about agriculture under the name TDF Honest Farming.

Not only does he express his passion for farming, but he also actively engages in addressing the challenges within the dairy community, contributing to its continuous development.

As an author, he has discussed agricultural issues in collaboration with a writer, stating, “A community worth fighting for.”

Brother of Derrick Josi

Derrick Josi recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, commemorating the first heavenly birthday of his beloved late brother. In this post, he expresses his deep love and affection for his brother, acknowledging the emotions felt by himself and his sister in remembrance of their departed sibling.

However, the circumstances surrounding his brother’s passing remain unknown, adding an air of mystery to the situation. The absence of specific details about the events leading to his brother’s transition creates a layer of secrecy, requiring friends, family, and supporters to navigate through heartfelt tributes with enthusiastic admiration while confronting the enigma of an unknown tragedy.

The support and provision of aid resonate with the establishment of strong bonds within the online community.

Friends and family, through their prayers and consoling words, endeavored to alleviate Derrick’s pain and grief, demonstrating a concerted effort to lessen the burden during this challenging time.

Derrick Josi Brother.
Derrick Josi Brother.

Don and Desi: The Parents of Derrick Josi

In the legacy of Wilsonview Dairy, Derrick Josi’s parents, Desi and Josi, play a significant role.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, Dan underwent a transformation upon returning to the farm. He became a co-owner, marking the beginning of a period of change for the family farm.

Over the years, the dairy underwent a transformation from its initial 60 acres and 65 cows to a expansive 450-acre operation.

Key decisions by Dan, such as the acquisition of the “Merit” bull and his marriage to Desi, laid the groundwork for Wilsonview Dairy to become the most influential Jersey herd in the United States.

Desi played a vital role in the success of Wilsonview Dairy, overseeing the calf program and managing the accounting system.

Through their dedicated efforts, the farm achieved recognition as the 14th-ranked Jersey herd at the national level.

Their commitment to breeding excellence earned them the prestigious American Jersey Cattle Association’s Master Breeder Award in 2020 for outstanding herd improvement.

Derrick focuses on meeting the nutritional needs of the dairy farm and its animals, while Desi handles the financial management.

Derrick Josi with his family.
Derrick Josi with his family.

Meet Derrick Josi’s Wife, Kaycee, and Their Children

Derrick Josi’s wife, Kaycee, diligently shoulders the responsibility of managing the Josi family’s agricultural endeavors. Hailing from a lineage with a heritage in quarter horses, Kaycee brings her unique perspective and skills to the farm.

She actively assists in accounting and logistics on the farm, while also focusing on nurturing the next generation of the Josi legacy, particularly Derrick’s upcoming lineage.

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Derrick and Kaycee Josi are nurturing their fifth generation to ensure its progress. The objective of their generational perspective is to address various challenges and successes present in agriculture. They aim to advance this family endeavor through these generational efforts, providing the necessary support to propel it forward.

Considering the qualitative demands of dairy farming, their connection with both family and community underscores the essential resilience required to maintain a thriving farm and a cherished home. This highlights the clarity needed to uphold both a prosperous farm and a loving household in conjunction with the family and community ties.



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