Destructive fire ruined Historic East Village Church

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East Village, Manhattan: Historic 19th century East Village Church destroyed with destructive fire at vacant building. On Saturday early morning massive red and orange flames were shot out through the nearby building window and covered up all the building including within some hours.

East VIllage Church destroyed by massive fire, Manhattan
East Village Church, Manhattan Lost its beauty today early morning in fire

At 5 am six fire alarms were began on the first floor at 7th street in East Village, the church located behind the building. People that are living near this church was crying at that moment, well no doubt it’s a sad and heart-wrenching incident that will never going to faint in our minds for years.

Footage of Fire in East Village Church

According to firefighters, their units arrived less than 5 minutes with heavy equipments. They set their position and circle up the area; almost 200 firefighters were in action at that time and responded to this sad incident. “Fire was caused by electric wiring of building”, Fire Marshals said.

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“It was a bad incident for sure the 19th-century church lost its beauty the sanctuary is not in good shape now, and tiffany stain windows are no more”, Church Minister Amanda Ashcraft said. Although this incident hasn’t left any serious injury and the credit goes to firefighters quicker and responsible response.

red and orange flames are burning our eyes

Our souls are crying on this heart-wrenching incident the beauty of our beloved Church is no more. Massive waves of heart-wrenching social media posts are hitting social media.

East Village, Manhattan

East village was occupied by the Lenape Native Americans-they move for fishing during the summers to hunt and grow crops during the winter and in fall. Manhattan was first bought by Peter Minuit in 1626. This old Church is extremely loved by Christians.

people sad tweets on this heart wrenching incident

People running out from the building to the streets looks like the end of the world for us. But, Thanks to God, no major injury was recorded. Blaze caused minor injuries to firefighters.
We are sad but, hopeful God will help us!

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