Devil Demon Sperm, why it’s in trending on twitter?

Devil Demon Sperm

Why did we talk about Devil Demon?

Americans wake up to the “devil demon” trend on Twitter

Twitter praised Dr. “Demon Sperm” for tweeting during Trump’s attacks on “illegal” hot topics.

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According to the “Daily Beast” report, Emanuel is a pediatrician and minister of religion. He believes that many medical problems are caused by people who have sex with demons and witches. Many of them are related to women’s health.

In My Opinion:

First of all, don’t annoy people. Secondly, jokingly, the ideas presented by Emmanuel are outdated, which not only poses a threat to them.

But is also important for absorbing any unscientific, ignorant, and homosexual information that may delay people’s acceptance. It is dangerous for believers who are recovering.


In the sermons that can be found in “Daily Beasts”, Emanuel decomposes “Demonology” 101 and explains. “Nephilim” is a demon who desires to have sex with humans. Which can cause fibroids and cysts and cause economic losses? It is the devil sperm that causes the pain.

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Now, as someone who has read many urban fantasy novels, I think Emanuel has distorted some facts here. First of all, as any reader of “Mortal Instruments” will tell you. Nephrin is a fallen angel who lives on earth as a giant. Some of them are married and have children, but they are not demonic rapists. Besides, most of them died in the flood. They are just straightforward demons. Just like in the time of Malinois Malefikarum, these creatures are used to explain things like dreams, sleep paralysis, etc. It seemed that Emanuel believed that they did the same in 1486.

According to Dr.Stella Immanuel

According to Immanuel (Immanuel), people can judge whether they are married to a devilish spiritual husband or spiritual wife. Whether they have had sex dreams of someone or a celebrity they know, are awakened, and stop talking Real-world interaction. Spouses get along, lose money, or often encounter difficulties. If she is not a registered doctor in Texas, it would be interesting. Besides, it is not accidental that Trump and his team chose to promote a black immigrant woman during the pandemic to say this.

The CDC noted that “minorities and ethnic minorities are being too much affected by COVID-19,” and black communities are particularly vulnerable to infection. By drawing attention to Emanuel’s counter-ideological ideas, they spread misinformation to their communities, improved Emanuel’s image, and provided a weapon for her identity.

Witches sleeping with the stars

What she said about witches sleeping with the stars-claiming that witches are trying to destroy the world. Through “abortion, same-sex marriage, and children’s toys” and that alien DNA is used to treat people-the the most absurd. But it should also be noted that Immanuel is a homophobic person. He once preached that children should be flogged. She is a dangerous person in charge of taking care of children.

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The Trump family has made it clear that they do not care about the health and safety of Americans because they have increased the absolute scope for conspiracy in a very real health crisis.

American evangelicalism

In this article, I explored the intersection between American evangelicalism and the spiritually complete body. I am interested in studying two issues: the sexual body is a place for psychological struggles.

Devil Demon Sperm
Devil Demon Sperm

And the use of popular science (especially in the field of genetics) as material evidence for such psychological struggles. Specifically, I traced the spiritual framework of marriage communication in gospel literature. To follow this trajectory, I emphasized the spirit and spiritual risk of crime in the “Evangelical Sex Handbook” and the “Rescue Handbook”. This article revolves around the words “Holy: God’s Purpose and Plan for Our Sexual Behavior”. 

Author of the Demon Sperm

The author of the “Demon Sperm” believes that sexually transmitted diseases are demons in genetic material. That can be transmitted through body fluids and blood. The claims in this book about biology and demonic pain are extreme. And most readers of mainstream evangelical sex manuals reject them. I think this book is trivial, but it is of great significance. It reflects deep-seated anxiety about sexual organs, mental problems, and diseases. Although “holy sex” may seem alien, it takes advantage of the broader. Uncertainty about physical and psychological vulnerability in contemporary gospel literature.

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