Dexamethasone drug proved to be effective against Corona.

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Dexamethasone drug
Reseaerches tested dexamethasone drug 2100 patients.

The steroid drug dexamethasone drug is proved to be effective against people suffering from Corona.

According to the researchers in the United Kingdom, the drug was shown to be beneficial for people who require oxygen or ventilation.

The findings and the research have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. But the results have been called revolutionary.

The two lead investigators of the recovery trial, a large Ukrainian-based trial that is investigating announced that it would be putting its findings soon about the COVID-19 on Tuesday that a low dose of dexamethasone drug could help patients who are suffering from Corona.

They are finding it very hard to breathe. These patients require ventilators to breathe. The drug reduces the risk of death by a third if the patients fall seriously ill.

Dexamethasone drug:

“This is a completely compelling result. If one looks at the patients who did not require ventilators but were on oxygen, there was also a significant risk reduction of about one-fifth,” Landray said. “However, we didn’t see any benefit in those patients who were in the hospital, had COVID, but whose lungs were working sufficiently well — they were not taking either oxygen or on ventilators.”

Landray also added that the people who are suffering from the virus should not take the drug by themselves as this drug has to be trial and tasted many times before it is being labeled as a lifesaver against the medication.

The batch who were given the drug is now being watched closely, and the proceedings of the findings would be shared.

The batch consisted of 2,100 patients who were ill from COVID-19. It also included about 4,300 patients who were randomized to be given the usual care in the hospital.

The drug was selected carefully and tested to lower the mortality rate among the patients who are finding it very hard to breathe during severe illness.

The medicine is taken either orally or is given through injection. The researchers did not find any adverse effects on the people who are suffering from the disease.

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