Dharma production announces the release of Dostana 2! Kartik Aaryan to be replaced due to unprofessional behavior on sets!

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Dostana was one of the famous movies of its time full of humor, drama and romance. The star casts were Abhishek bachchan, john Abraham and Priyanka Chopra as a lead directed by Tarun Mnasukhani. The movie is now called off for the sequel as Dostana 2 by dharma production. An official tweet was made “We are releasing Dostana 2 soon.” Dostana 2 star cast involves Jahnvi Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan and television actor Lakhsya. This movie will be Bollywood debut for Lakshya.

Due to the unprofessional behavior of Kartik Aaryan the production decided to replace Aaryan with another actor who will be able to carry the rule. The production said after the certain shooting Aaryan will be replaced and yet they never wanted to work with him again, as per sources.

Dostana 2 to be released soon by Dharma Production
Dostana 2 to be released soon by Dharma Production

According to the sources, Karan Johar’s dharma production not only fires Kartik Aaryan from the current film project of Dostana 2 but also they have decided not to work with him again in future due to his unprofessional behavior.

DNA quoted a source close to the production house saying:

 “Dharma has decided to replace Kartik Aaryan in ‘Dostana 2’. Kartik expressed creative differences over the script of Dostana 2 after one and a half years. However, he completed nearly 20 days of shoot in 2019 after reading the same script and agreeing to it.”

The main reason he was fired is the production wanted to start the shooting in 2021 where Kartik was not been able to make commitments and was not giving clarity for the dates.

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“Also, lack of clarity on the commitment of dates from his agency is another reason. It has never happened in the history of Dharma Productions that an actor has shot a film for a while and then walked out alleging creative issues. Therefore, Dharma has decided to not work with Kartik Aaryan in future as well,” the source said.

Kartik Aaryan had made another commitment as he will be seen in his next upcoming movie which is “DHAMAKA” directed by Ram Madhvani. So this could be the reason Kartik did not clarified the dates to dharma production. What are your opinions on firing Kartik Aaryan? If we would in Kartik’s place we would never lose to work with such big platform of Bollywood under the banner of Dharma Productions.

The biggest banner of Bollywood Dharma Production has announced that they are releasing Dostana 2 very soon. The lead includes Jahnvi Kapoor and Lakhsya. Kartik Aaryan was also one of the lead which was now getting replace by the production for his unprofessional behavior and lack of clarity for dates.

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