Did General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter get hit by Maoist insurgents? Debate erupted in India

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New Delhi (Trending News) The death of India’s Chief of Defense Staff General Bapat Rawat along with his wife and army officers in a helicopter crash has sent shockwaves through India, with rumors circulating in the media.

It is learned that General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter did not crash but was allegedly attacked and may have been carried out by the Nagaland Maoist rebels against whom General Bipin Rawat’s command I was operated by the Indian Army in 2015, On the other hand, shocking information has also come to light about the crashed helicopter. A few months ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also traveled to Ladakh on the same helicopter.

According to the details, General Bipin Rawat Mi-17V5 was a Russian-made helicopter with two engines and is considered as one of the best helicopters in the world.

It is designed for, even in the most unfavorable conditions and extreme weather, the flight of this helicopter is not uneven and it can travel very easily, the chances of technical malfunction in this helicopter are very low.

The helicopter is used for search operations, patrolling, and carrying weapons, but in India, it is used for VIP movement, as the Mi-17V Five is considered the most reliable helicopter in India. It Goes, a few months ago when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ladakh and other areas in occupied Kashmir. The same helicopter was used at that time.

By the time General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter took off from the Air Force’s Silver Base, the weather was very clear, so there is no chance of an accident due to bad weather.

In view of all this, questions are being raised that General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter did not crash but was shot down. The Indian government has ordered a high-level inquiry into the helicopter crash.

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