Did Meghan and Harry finally find staff to relax?

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According to reports, after several years of turmoil for court assistants, the couple had a playful relationship with their new employees in California.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lived in southern California for about five months, but in July they moved into their own Santa Barbara in Montecito, The first house purchased by the community.

Earlier reports indicated that it was difficult for Harry to transition to his new American life, but according to The Sun, there is evidence that their new home is happy.

A newspaper said:

The newspaper reported that the couple had a playful relationship with their employees, and they even liked to laugh at Meghan because she spent two years in the UK before adopting British manners in her speech.

It’s a far cry from the reports we heard about Megan and his staff earlier this year before the couple’s royal retreat.

Since she married Harry in 2018, there have been rumors that she had a difficult relationship with the staff and that insiders kept leaking details about her interactions with other people in the family.

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 In the new biography “In Search of Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Formation of the Royal Family,” writers Omid Scoby and Caroline Durand pointed out that when the couple moved to Frogmore Cottage in the spring of 2019, there were only a few Some staff members.

Although the source of The Sun did not disclose information about how the couple staffed their nine-bedroom house, they did add that they were also getting closer to Harry.  He just wants to live a more normal life in California now and enjoy family time. “

At first, it was said that Los Angeles did not like him, but now they are living in a more private house, even painting, maybe he will become an American one day.

This move marks the latest move by the Sukses against what they previously described as “intrusive” tabloid media.

Meghan will also sue the publishers of the Sunday Mail and Online Mail for infringement of privacy and copyright infringement. The publisher denies her claim.

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