Did you plan to vote on Tuesday, January 5?

Barack Obama urges people to plan to vote

You all must plan to vote on the election day, Tuesday, January 5 to bring a change this year.

Barack Obama tweeted a video in which he urges people of Georgia to vote Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S. senate.

He encouraged Georgians on their struggle to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Obama attached a recorded message with the tweet in which he talked about the pandemic and how to erase it.

He said as the new year is here, a new hope circulates all around, this year is filled with possibilities.

Obama encouraged the people of Georgia by saying, “they have the power to change things within a few days”

Standing united on any decision and pinpointing the issue which is disturbing a lot can help ease the problem.

He mentions the words of his friend, John Lewis, who said, “if you don’t do everything you can to change things, then they will remain the same.”

Besides, John Lewis said, “you only pass this way once. You have to give it all you have.”

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Obama encourages people of Georgia to plan to vote

Obama encourages Georgians to vote
Obama encourages Georgians to vote

The 44th president of the U.S., Obama, said, “we can get this pandemic under control and restart our economy.”

“We can protect our health care and our planet for future generations, we can reform our criminal justice system and give every young person an equal chance.” Said, Obama.

He mentioned the betterment that is possible in the new year by saying, “all of that is possible. It’s absolutely within our reach.”

Barack Obama mentions that all the betterment and success waits for us, but you must plan to vote.

Encouraging young people by indicating them as the pillars, Obama in a video released by ATTN said,

“Because young people have always been the ones to make a change in this country, making a change this fall is once again going to depend on you.”

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