Disney streaming data perspective: How will the new structure work in practice?

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Disney's streaming data perspective
Disney’s streaming data perspective

As the Hollywood giants gave studio leaders more control over the content they created and established a new distribution department, the merger created new problems.

The streaming media Disney+, which was established a year ago, has always been a successful example of Disney, surpassing the five-year goal of attracting 60 million subscribers in just nine months.

Many sources told The Hollywood Reporter that this service is a structural challenge for traditional studios and the center of a power struggle for who has the final say in the streaming media lineup.

Disney can end this entanglement through reorganization on October 12, which will allow studio leaders to better control the content they produce for media such as Disney.

While merging the new Disney media and entertainment distribution group led by the former Kareem Daniel, Head of Consumer Products for all budgeting and distribution decisions. However, it is not clear how this new arrangement will work in practice.

the streaming media of disney will decide the future of content created by disney creators
the streaming media of disney will decide the future of content created by disney creators

A former Disney executive said:

“The announcement lacked so much content that it asked more questions than answered.” Among these questions: How does the approval process work? Are film leaders Alan Horn and Alan Bergman still developing projects for the theater in the first place?

Moreover, with the Xiqu business mainly stagnating in the United States, when Disney hopes to monetize its “world-class, franchise-based content” through streaming media, will the top creative talents be on a large back-end salary? Lose light?

Since former CEO and current executive chairman Bob Iger announced in 2017 that he plans to launch premium services for all of Disney’s family-friendly brands.

Disney New structure work
Disney New structure work

Disney streaming media structure has attracted attention

Although Iger arranged the programming decision with long-term marketing director Ricky Strauss and former ABC and Imagineering executive Agnes Chu and gave them the green light, he still instructed the company’s studios to provide the service.

 Provide original shows and movies, thus confusing people is responsible for the final product. The reorganization clearly shows that Iger and the new CEO Bob Chapek will transfer creative decision-making power to the content leader, but the financial power will be in the hands of the publishing department.

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