Disney’s Hollywood Studios mocked “Mulan” and brought back memories of East Hollywood

Visitors to Hollywood Studios can get a glimpse of the upcoming movie “Mulan”.


Hua Mulan is a Chinese female warrior. She lived between the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589 AD). Her story is told through the “Mulan Ballard”. Now, she may be a real person, but it is generally believed that her story is fictional. November 5, 2018

Where does the story of Hua Mulan come from?

The true story is very similar. Hua Mulan is a legend in ancient China. It was originally called “Mulan Ci” in Chinese poems. In this poem, Hua Mulan replaced his elderly father in the army. She fought for twelve years and achieved high achievements.

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Starting Friday, Disney will provide the “early scenes” of the movie at the Walt Disney Gift Theater in the park. Disney did not disclose how long the appearance is or how long it will be at the attraction.

Disney said in the park blog:

 “As part of this experience, you will also be able to see a display showing the original witch costume used in the production of the movie, as well as real replicas of warrior costumes and swords.”

The live-action version of “Mulan” is one of the movies interrupted by the corona virus, which also provides a new business model for Disney. Disney plans to offer paid viewing services on its streaming service Disney-Plus starting from September 4th at a price of $30.

In the park, animators created scenes from some of the most popular Disney classics:

In 1990, the premiere of “Dick Tracy” was held in the movie theater of “Happy Island”. Despite the actors, the film failed. Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman attended the meeting, but the sentry pointed out that Madonna and Al Pacino did not attend.

“One night, Orlando is the East Side of Hollywood,” the story of the lookout at the time said. “After the act on Pleasure Island, the limousine brought the stars to the Disney-MGM Studios, where they joined the mobile team from Hollywood Boulevard to the Chinese Theater.”

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