Cause of Dj Kill Bill’s Death: Did He Take His Own Life? The Real Name Is Out (Right Now)

October 2014 saw the suicide of a Dj Kill Bill’s from Detroit who jumped into the Detroit River.

He attended a nearby high school and dropped a mixtape, which helped him gain some notoriety in Detroit’s music scene before this unfortunate incident.

Hints regarding his plans could be found on the mixtape. He shared a picture on social media of himself with rapper Ghostface Killah in the backdrop.

It saddens many that this young artist took his own life. His career in the music industry was cut short, yet he is remembered as a potential talent.

Many people still recognise and lament his early passing, despite the influence and potential he could have had.

Cause of Dj Kill Bill's Death
Cause of Dj Kill Bill’s Death

Why Did Dj Kill Bill Die? Did He Take His Own Life?

Billy Watts, a senior at Detroit, Michigan’s Renaissance High School, was 17 years old.

He established a fan base in Detroit’s music scene under the stage moniker DJ Kill Bill.

But before October 2014, Billy had struggled with depression for a few months.

Billy carefully planned his suicide on social media on October 26, 2014, which was precisely ten years ago.

He uploaded multiple pictures that showed his last day, from getting up to his last supper.

The memories of DJ Kill Bill will be treasured by his loved ones.
The memories of DJ Kill Bill will be treasured by his loved ones. (Source: Instagram)

With remarks like “Smile, you survived” and inquiring as to whether his watch was waterproof, the captions gave a sinister impression of what was to follow.

Billy tragically committed suicide at the age of 17 by plunging into the Detroit River not long after the social media posts. In a few of hours, his body was found.
A dynamic, intelligent, and imaginative young man, Billy Watts performed as DJ Kill Bill.

His community was startled by his calculated suicide, which involved livestreaming cryptic posts and plunging into the Detroit River.

It’s incredibly tragic that he took his own life at such a young and promising age, following months of depressive struggles.

DJ Kill Bill’s True Name Is Known

As previously mentioned, DJ Kill Bill is a musician whose real name is Billy Watts. Billy tragically committed suicide while he was only 17 years old.

Young musician DJ Kill Bill took his own life. He dropped a mixtape prior to his death.

That mixtape has a number of songs that are deemed to be ominous. In one recording, there’s even the sound of someone diving into the water.

Billy, also known as DJ Kill Bill, was described by friends as a kind individual who improved the lives of others. He was always kind to others and encouraging.

The legacy of DJ Kill Bill won't change over time.
The legacy of DJ Kill Bill won’t change over time. (Source: Instagram)

On May 18 of this year, Billy would have turned 19 years old. As they reflect on his life, his friends and family are probably thinking of him today.

Billy seems to have been a decent man who tried to help people when he could, despite the briefness of his life.

Both in the hearts of those who knew him and in his music, his memory endures.

His loved ones celebrate his birthday and remember all that he endured, and they undoubtedly wish he was still with them.

The heartbreaking tale of DJ Kill Bill, actual name Billy Watts, serves as a stark reminder of the severe mental health issues that even bright young people can face.

Those who knew him well now commemorate what would have been his 29th birthday, which is poignant given his tragic suicide at the age of 17.

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