Do you know, Shakira’s voice was the target of the joke at her school?

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Yes, Shakira’s voice, was teased by people back in her school days and by her coach too.

The name, Shakira, which doesn’t need any introduction today was bullied by her own friends and fellows.

She has been referred to as the queen of Latin music today, but once she was heartbroken by her classmates in school.

This Colombian singer, a songwriter, Grammy-award winning artist, known for her strong vibrato, selling 80 million records worldwide.

Can you imagine, such a renowned singer, Shakira’s voice was once discouraged by singing ‘like a goat’?

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Shakira told her story of wasn’t always appreciated for her vocal talents at the half-time show.

The half-time 60 minutes show at this year’s super bowl was with an American actress, singer, and dancer, Jennifer Lopez.

Shakira in a super bowl halftime 60 minutes show
Shakira in a super bowl halftime 60 minutes show

This show, and her new music video that too went viral this month, aid make Shakira the top trending musician on google this year in the US.

She told about her music teacher that he didn’t like the way she sang, and he thought that her vibrato was too strong.

Also, she told in the show, he thought that it was too much, she includes, many people still think that it’s too much.

Shakira declared that her classmates called her voice like a goat and she always returned home heartbroken.

The journey of this woman is worth admiring, who was cut up from her elementary school choir in Colombia.

Shakira said’ “It’s such an amazing, important event. I feel a great deal of responsibility.”

She added, “in a way, I’m representing a huge part of the Latin community in the U.S. I consider it an important force in America and needs to be well represented. And I think that it’s a beautiful opportunity.”

To avail of this opportunity, she works and rehearse for days and nights and draws on new influences from around the world.

Shakira said, “when you are given a gift, such as your voice or talent, you got to use it and it is your duty to fulfill your dreams.”

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