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Dog Food Advisor, generally called DFA evaluates more than 950 dog food brands to the customers which guarantee the quality of dog food and its ingredients and also analyses these brands. They also rank them with star ratings so that customers can get a good idea.

It is also a site!

There’s also a site called Dog Food adviser that’s owned and operated by a personal agent who not only perceives pet nutrition and also the event of pet food as a result of he’s not trained in animal nutrition. The website sprung forth throughout a time once myths were rampant and resistance to information among vets online. Whereas the founder continues to update his website with the more and more correct info, it’s still completely grounded in an exceedingly on person’s perception of the way to feed dogs. Pet food Advisor’s scoring system relies on a non-scientific publication written by 2 unqualified people. The information it promotes is inaccurate, doubtless harmful, and has seemingly contributed to poor health in some dogs.

Don’t always trust a Food Advisor:

Mike Sagman is a retired dental surgeon, he states about pet food Advisor page. He conjointly loves dogs, he says and his undergrad studies enclosed a significant in chemistry and a minor in biology. He claims that anybody who knows little bit about the pet can be a pet advisor and similarly anyone can be a Dog food Advisor so don’t always listen what they advise.

One common claim you’ll often hear especially among those that promote “alternative” information like that mostly Dog Food Advisor or the vets have very little knowledge or no coaching in animal nutrition. Folks that build this claim can then prolong to trust numerous websites and blogs that they have seen on Google, together with Dog Food authority, despite the writers having very little or no veterinary coaching and definitely nothing know about animal nutrition.

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