Dolly Parton Amazing & Interesting Facts

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Amazing & Interesting Facts You Should Know About Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is one of the leading and well known American singers. She has earned massive fame due to her songwriting skills as well. She has even made a big name in the profession of being an actress and as an author.

She has earned a considerable reputation for being a businesswoman and working as a humanitarian. She is a big name in the music industry. 

Being one of the top favorite celebrities of millions of fans out there, still, there are some interesting facts about this celebrity star that you are not aware of. So check out below some interesting facts of Dolly Parton: 

dolly parton
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Dolly Father Paid a Sack of Oatmeal On Her Birth

Dolly Parton has always been open about her family background and the poverty issues which her family had faced so far during her birth. She has 12 siblings, and she is on the 4th place.

During the time of her delivery, her family was so poor. They were living in a house of one cabin with no gas and electricity facility. When she was born, her father was not in a first state to pay back the doctors for her birth treatment.

Therefore her father paid a sack of oatmeal for the doctor who delivered her.

She Was Named After First Cloned Sheep

The very first cloned sheep has been named after this celebrity. We all know that the very first cloned sheep was named to be Doll. But very few of us know the fact that this sheep was named after this celebrity name.

In the year 1996, scientists came up with the creation of a clone which was originated from an adult mammal’s cell. They were looking forward to the names, and hence, they finally came up with the name of cloned sheep.

Dolly Parton Even Turned Down The Elvis

You might have heard the famous song as “I Will Always Love You,” This song was intentionally recorded by the Dolly, but at the end of the day she turned down the offer.

As soon as Dolly introduced “I Will Always Love You,” Elvis Presley’s manager gets in touch with her just as in some hopes of having the Presley covering it.

According to the deal, Dolly initially gives away half of the rights of song publishing. In the year 1992, instead, Whitney Houston sang this song.

Her song “Jolene” Was About a Banker

Do you know that what the famous song “Jolene” of Dolly was all about? Dolly wrote this song, which was about the story of a red-headed banker.

This is so interesting! There was a complete story behind this song! She explained that there was a banker in her husband band who loved her husband so much and used to pay him special attention.

Her husband was also fond of visiting the bank every single day because he liked the attention he was getting. This song turned out to be a big joke for their relationship, which becomes the main reason for their split as well.

She Knot With Carl Dean Since 1966

Dolly Parton has made a special place in the hearts of her fans due to her flirty nature. But many of her fans do not know the fact that she got married in 1966 with Carl Dean.

She even stated in one of her interviews that she is flirty, and her husband knows this trait of her personality.

She does Not Like to Sleep in Hotels on Her Tour

Well, you do not believe this fact for sure, but this is the reality! She never sleeps in her hotel stay on her tours. She is not fond of sleeping in any other place other than her house room.

She is more convenient to sleep on the tour bus besides sleeping in the hotel room. She also does not like packing and unpacking her luggage, so she makes sure she wears just one cloth in her whole tour stay.

So these have been few of the amazing and interesting facts about Dolly Parton! All in all, she is a huge inspiration for upcoming new music artists and one of the known faces of music industry.

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