Dolly Parton’s brother Randy Parton passed away at 67.

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Dolly Parton’s brother Randy Parton, a singer-songstress, died at the age of 67 after fighting with cancer. Randy Parton was Dolly Parton’s youngest brother, who passed away after losing the battle with cancer. The 25-year-old announced the news on her Facebook about her brother being passed on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Dolly Parton's brother Randy Parton has passed away
Dolly Parton’s brother Randy Parton has passed away

The revered singer, Dolly Parton, took to her Twitter handle too to let her and her brother’s fans the news. She expressed her feelings and wrote, “My brother Randy has lost his battle with cancer. The family and I are grieving his loss, but we know he is in a better place than we are currently. We are a family of faith and we believe that he is safe with God.”

According to her Facebook account, it was observed that Dolly praised her brother’s musical talents. She wrote on her account, “we believe that he is safe with God. And that he is joined by members of the family that have gone on before and have welcomed him with joy and open arms.”

Besides she added, “He’s had several chart records of his own, but his duet with me on ‘Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You’ will always be a highlight in my own career.” Ms. Parton declared in their final duet, 2020’s “You are My Christmas.” Her heart-wrenching words include, “Randy shined on it just like he’s shinning in heaven now.”

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Do you know Randy Parton was one of Dolly’s 11 siblings?

Randy Parton was an avid singer-songwriter, who also teamed up with his top musical sister. Randy played in Dolly’s band for few years. He did a duet with her too in Dolly’s 1980 hit, “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to you.”

Mentioning Randy’s spouse, Dolly added, “He is survived by his wife Deb, his daughter Heidi, son Sabyn, grandsons Huston and Trent.” Expressing the love for her brother, she said, “We will always love him, and he will always be in our hearts, Dolly Parton and Family.”

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