Donald Trump ads on Facebook to ban TikTok

Donald Trump ads

Donald Trump ads on Facebook:

China is spying on you? Well, Donald Trump ads said, he pushed adds on Facebook to accuse Chinese application TikTok spying. On every user all over America.

The adds declared that TikTok is spying on you and links to a survey and mailing list asking TikTok should be banned in the united states.

Tiktok in actuality owned by a Chinese company and its popularity in almost all over the world including America. This application becomes a tension point in Washington and Beijing.

Trump started a campaign to ban this application.

According to that company research, TikTok and many other application, including news organizations application. They have access to the data and all the information of I phone users clipboard.

What is the iPhone clipboard?

In Clipboard, I phone to store data, which included sensitive information and other applications passwords.
The campaign ads a rebuke of Facebook on Sunday.

They said that we don’t accept any political ads on this platform. The more interesting thing is Facebook is getting money from political ads. Which attacks on the competitor as its preparing to launch a new copycat of TikTok, spokesperson of TikTok said.

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Facebook announcement:

Facebook announces on Friday that it was launching TikTok competition at the global level. Tiktok chief information security officer assures the application users in a blog in June. Ronald Cloutier, TikTok chief information said;

There are so many reasons behind why applications have access to Iphones’ clipboard data.

We currently working to address to solve the problem of spam that users posted the same comments on a lot of videos. Our technology is advanced now it allows us to identify the user. That copy comments and places that comments on several videos.

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This gives us a sign that the user had an agenda, promoting himself, and trying to get followers and to troll others. Mike Pompeo said the us is considering to ban TikTok for security reasons. In June TikTok user troll trumps campaign and making memes about false registration to attend his rally In Oklahoma.

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