Donald Trump and Melania Trump got COVID-19

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The situation of America is getting more serious as expected! Insecurity spreading like a fire everywhere, during this tough pandemic period we came to know last night President Donald Trump has got COVID 19 and one more thing that he wasn’t the one, Lady one Melania Trump got COVID.

On twitter president, Donald Trump announced this shocking news:

“last night Melania and I tested for Corona Virus, COVID-19. We decided and begin our quarantine and canceled all the upcoming events, recovery started immediately, we’ll get through all this hard time TOGETHER”.

Melania Trump Retweeted:

“ @potus and I got Covid-19, just like other Americans after tested positive we quarantining ourselves at home. We’re feeling good right now, stay safe, and stay at home. We canceled our all upcoming engagements; we’ll get through this together”.

Last Night White house released its statement of President and First lady positive COVID-19, their official physician confirmed this statement. When President inner circle has been caught by CoronaVirus, this became an alarm for Trump to take care of himself. According to his physician, President Donald Trump was facing minor symptoms and he decided to isolate himself before getting his Reports. The situation become crucial day by day, deadly virus already ate 207,000 Americans. Trump’s age didn’t allow him to get this deadly virus but his positive reports increased the risk of getting his condition more critical,
both are fine right now and active on social media but bells are ringing as this situation can fall into a serious and critical situation.

Last seen of trump
Trump last seen was on Thursday, he came from a trip to new jersey. If we talk about his appearance he didn’t look ill or had any symptoms. On Thursday evening, both tests positive. Trump physician stated that both are well and they decide to quarantine themselves.
It’s accidental or the results ignoring wearing masks
Trump and his associates denied wearing masks and this can be the reason behind what happened now. His associates didn’t follow the practices such as wearing masks and social distancing and that’s why the situation got worse. After Trump diagnosis social distancing rules and regulations got strict in the white house, this might cause the cancellation or important events or new schedules.

Trump many aides had COVID-19

Trump close aides has coronavirus here are some of them
Robert O’Brien
Our president security advisor tested positive for coronavirus and he becomes more attentive about following social distancing and wearing masks. He publically announced his diagnose, white house confirmed at the end of July.
White house cafeteria workers
White house two cafeteria workers were tested positive in mid-July.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
She was considered as the girlfriend of Trump, they went too far according to some secret sources. They got personal and she tested positive of COVID 19 on July 4.
Trump’s rally team
Trump rally team in Tulsa and Oklahoma tested positive in mid-June. His rally delayed many times even US secret service employees were tested positive.
Tomas Philipson
Tomas Philipson is the former acting chairman of the council of economic advisers, he resigned from its position after his tested positive for Covid19.
Katie Miller
Katie Miller’s case was considered as the most high profile case of white house, in May she tested positive.

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