Donald Trump threatened Protesters ahead of his Oklahoma rally!

Jonathan Trott

Oklahoma rally, President Donald Trump just said that those people who are going against him could face severe consequences as he has made it clear that his planned rally in Oklahoma would be something that would never be seen before. His enemies are trying their best to go make it a failure.

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President Donald Trump threatened Protesters ahead of his rally!

Trump just wrote on Twitter, ”Protestors, anarchists, agitators, Looeters or lowlifes” and said they would not be entertained. He said i was gentle all up till now, but now they are gathering at the Tulsa event.

His twitter was flooded with messages when he used a blatantly false video of young children to decry the media coverage of American race relations.

The nation marks the days in 1865 when the last enslaved Black people learned that they had been freed and could finally enjoy their freedom.


Oklahoma rally:

Instead of portraying it like the freedom of the blacks, he used it to hype his campaign. Donald Trump made a comeback after a 110-day pandemic forced absence, and he warned everyone to stay from him.

He wrote that ” Please understand, you would not be treated like you are in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis, It will be a much different scene!” he wrote a tweet on Friday morning.

Donald Trump said that all his protesters are peaceful, and he won’t even break a pot in his protests.  All though some of his demonstrations turned out to be violent. Later in the way, one of the spokespeople of the Donald Trump said that The president was only referring to the people who are being violent and want to disrupt the peace of the country. He doesn’t want anything to happen. Like this to occur in the city. These people would be dealt with Law enforcement.

As his rally is going to be held from Saturday and Donald Trump is hoping to reset his campaign after a rocky start. He wrote ” Big crowds and lines forming in Tulsa; My campaign hasn’t even started yet. It begins on Saturday night in Oklahoma,” He said on Twitter.

Ring of fire is going to see this week in the sky.

The Summer Solstice is here, and it is going to see this week, It is one of the rarest types of the celestial phenomenon. The first solar eclipse of this century would create a ring of fire, and just in no time, a new season would kick-off.

On June 20-21, Some people from the Eastern Hemisphere would be able to view the eclipse. People from different parts of the world or anyone who want to have a spectacular view are going to see this fantastic and panoramic view.

People who wish to view it can also view it online.

A lot of people were waiting for this eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. When the timing is just right, both of these appear to be in a straight line, and the moon turns into a black body with a red blazing ring fire.

The blazing ring of light can be seen from thousands of miles from anywhere around the world.

According to the Nasa, the total solar eclipse can be seen in certain conditions. All of these conditions have to be there for the eclipse to appear. The moon must be in its first lunar phase, and it must be away from the eat=rth on its elliptical orbit while looking smaller in the sky that it usually would.

Mary-Trump-Book Too much and Never enough
Ring of fire is going to see this week in the sky

Because when the moon is small enough, it cannot block the big sun, and there appears to be a big ring of fire that can be seen from the earth.

A person doesn’t even need a telescope for it.

will be visible, and the weather would be evident across a path that starts from the sunrise in Africa, and it runs through parts of Asia before it ends the sunset over the Pacific Oceans. During this time.

The moon would be blocking 99.4{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the sun show us a stunning orange ring.

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