Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount Rushmore

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Donald Trump wants independence day firework over Mount Rushmore.

he wants a big show with fire works and alot more.

For President Trump, standing side by side with the American historical gigantic is the most natural choice. On Friday night,

he will travel to Mount Rushmore to attend an early Independence Day party and restore the worrying tradition of the fireworks environment on July 4 in his huge sculpture.

pendamic situation recently:

In a rapidly deteriorating pandemic, this frivolous taste seems to be poor-this is unwise, because social isolation is not required at the event. However, the holiday celebrating independence from Britain was used to support Trump’s false claim that the country was performing well.

Dr. Anthony Fauci:

On the second day of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, Trump told Fox Business Wednesday:

“We are moving forward in a very powerful way…I think we will make good use of the coronavirus “

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it has been already mentioned that the united states may be soon face almost 100000 new cases daily basis”

Mount Rushmore State:

Mount Rushmore State in South Dakota has not been highly infected by the virus-like most other states. However, in the case where it is expected to be a large group of people, only one infected person can cause a new outbreak.

President Donald Trump wants an amazing and big show:

The president likes a big show and more people. On Saturday, he will host the second “Salute to the United States” music festival in Washington, as well as a large fireworks display.

Last year, his demand for airplanes imitating the French Bastille Day parade doubled the cost of the event to US$13 million.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked citizens to stay at home and watch the show on TV, but this persuasion will be enormous for many people. The city’s subway system has provided support for crowded trains.

frightening condition:

This is another frightening condition for public health. Nevertheless, Trump anxiously wants to put himself at the center of the celebration, four months from Election Day. To stop his progress, it will take the worst endemic in more than a century.

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