Donald Trump wants his face to hitch Rushmore

Helen Dunmore Aug 11, 2020 2

Trump denied that WH asked whether to place in him to Rushmore and so called it a “good idea”
South Dakota Governor Noem said that Trump’s “dream” was added to the monument

Trump desire, his face on rushmore

The name of this mountain long before the monument carving began to be named for New York City lawyer Charles E.Oct 30, 2016

On Sunday night, President Donald Trump tweeted a photograph of himself standing ahead of Rushmore a picture that made him look as if he was the 5th on this iconic monument Bust of a president. Moments later, he denied on Twitter that he had talked to SD Governor Kristi Noem of the Times report, saying that it was possible to place in his face to Chief Executive, President Theodore Roosevelt and President.

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Tweeteth Trump:

“This is fake news because @nytimes and @CNN have poor ratings.


Trump said:

a) He never raised the likelihood of adding Noem to Rushmore, but

b) Thought it looked like an honest idea!

We know that Trump has actually raised this subject to Noem, and he’s much serious about it.

“He said, ‘Christie, come here. Shake my hand,'” Noam told the Sioux Falls Argus leader to fulfill with Trump within the government office. “I shook hands and that i said, ‘Mr. President, you must come to Coyote State. we’ve mountain peak.’ He said, “Do you recognize that it’s my dream to own my face on Mount Rushmore?”I started laughing. He didn’t laugh, so he was serious. “

Next is that the Trump campaign rally in July 2017:

“Every president of Rushmore – I’ll ask you if you think that I’ll get on Mt. Rushmore someday. But that’s the problem: if I do that, totally joking, the fake fourth estate will said he believed he should get on a mountain peak, so I won’t say it.

He is not joking. Remember,

Trump is often saying:

  • a) what he means and
  • b) he always uses when he wants to offer himself abilities. I’m just joking, and your media doesn’t understand its explanation. Go away. But he’s not joking. Not at all.

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