Donna Langley, chairman of Universal Pictures Entertainment Group, said she was “proud of the team’s achievements.”

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Donna Langley, chairman of Universal Pictures Entertainment Group

There used only be two things were guaranteed in the past: death and taxes. But let’s add a third one.

No matter how many times things go south; the greedy merchants will bring the dinosaurs back from extinction and think that this time they have controlled the dinosaurs.

The effect of the formula on the film reached unadjusted total global revenue of more than $5 billion, so you can be sure that Hollywood studios will not let the corona virus pandemic be the way to next iteration. After several public delays in “Jurassic World”: Autonomous leader Colin Trevorrow shouted, perhaps faintly behind the mask, “Okay!”

The $165 million filming took 100 days and 18 months, most of which took place at Pinewood Studios in London.

A private medical institution manages production safety requirements, which is estimated to require between 6 and 8 million US dollars.

The actors and staff were isolated in a bubble and conducted approximately 40,000 COVID tests. Bud maintains “green fields” and all workers have to conduct temperature tests every day.

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Temperature checkpoints have been established at each end of Pinewood, which can monitor up to a thousand crew members within two hours. Each station has detailed information on doctors, nurses and isolation rooms.

In addition, the entire Pinewood has 150 hand sanitizer stations, plus 60 hand wash basins.

At night, the facility was attacked by anti-virus fog.

During the production process, only about .25 people in the movie or Pinewood-related crew tested positive for the coronavirus. The deadline says that some of them are false positives.

The release date of “Jurassic World: Reign” is set for the summer of 2022, which has enough time for post-production and movie watching, and I hope it can return to normal.

Trefro said:

 “The important thing for us is that the whole world can enjoy movies in cinemas.” The next chapter of “Jurassic Legends” is the first of a re-released movie, in which Sam Neal and Laura Denn will return to this movie. Jeff Goldblum has that cameo in the last shot, just in case you forgot.

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