Donovan Mitchell vs. Jamal Murray. Which star will hit the fire?

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Donovan Mitchell vs. Jamal Murray. Which star will hit the fire? and shine like the brightest star?

It’s complicated. If we are to be proficient in all techniques and tell the whole truth, then the Jazz-Nuggets playoff series will be more than two outstanding young stars, their game level is very high.

But the latter is more of a force than crossing, breaking transitional defense or lack of defense, studying the hedge in the pick-and-roll.

This series led the Jazz with a 3-2 advantage and entered the sixth game on Thursday, marking a major joint event: the appearance of Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray.

Everyone is surpassing, or in any case, trying to transform from a more ordinary NBA second-line outstanding identity to a respected elite, from all-star players to bigger and better players, such as 25 people. About 10

And it’s hard to get there and break into the club with LeBron, Kawhi, Giannis, James, Stephen, Damian and Kevin. But this is what happened here, at least in the initial stages-Murray and Mitchell knocked on the door, Murray and Mitchell performed above average, Murray and Mitchell entered the playoffs scoring champion, Mitchell ranked first, Murray second.

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Asked the Jazz in the second half of Game 5:

At that time they put the Nuggets in the palms of the camels, ready to eliminate them all, raise them by 15 points, there are still a few minutes of game time, and then.

Murray shot 14 of 18 shots, scoring 33 points in the second half, and 42 total points. It has never appeared in the brain of innovation. Everyone saw Rudy Gobert spinning near the rim, everyone saw the rocket launch.

Maybe nothing should be done. Let the biggest dog go to glory:

In fact, in the sixth game, no matter which meteor burns brighter, flies higher, straighter, and longer, it will lead his team to victory. Mitchell and the Jazz enter the semifinals. Ray and the Nuggets enter the knockout round, or Murray and the Nuggets enter the game. Play game 7.

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