Dr. Catherine Calderwood: Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Apologize for Breaking Lockdown Rules

Dr. Catherine Calderwood: Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer broke down the lockdown rules by visiting her second home with her family and apologized for that. 

Dr. Catherine Calderwood
Dr. Catherine Calderwood: Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Apologized
Credit: YouTube.com

A short introduction about Dr. Catherine Calderwood:

The complete name of Dr. Catherine Calderwood is “Catherine Jane Calderwood,” and she was born in Belfast, United Kingdom. She is the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland and also a gynecologist.

Born: December 26, 1968    Current Age: 51 years

Field: Obstetrics and gynaecology  Nationality: Scottish

Education: University of Cambridge, Methodist College Belfast, University of Glasgow, Newnham College

Books: Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report 

During the pandemic outbreak, Dr. Catherine Calderwood disrupted her rules twice to visit her second home in Earlsferry, Fife. On this act, she has been compelled to step once again from open briefings after an enraged response to the news. 

She received mounting calls to resign from her position. But on Sunday, Nicola Sturgeon demanded that she would keep on playing a vital job in controlling the Scottish Government’s reaction to the emergency.

On public and opposition parties’ reactions about her act, Iain Livingstone (Scotland’s police chief constable) gave a statement to calm down the situation. Iain Livingstone said that his local officers warned Dr. Chatherine, and she accepted her mistake.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood apologized: 

On Saturday, Dr. Catherine visited her second home with her husband and children, and someone shot her pictures and uploaded them on social media. 

Dr. Catherine Calderwood
Leaked pictures of Dr. Catherine Calderwood
Credit: BBC.com

But after the public reaction, she said that there was not an authentic purpose to be out of my home. The intentions behind what I did, they don’t legitimize it, and they were not real motivations to be out of my house. 

While my family and I followed the direction on social distancing consistently, I comprehend that I didn’t follow the guidance I am providing for other people, and I am genuinely sorry for that.

I know how significant this counsel is, and I don’t want my mistake to occupy from that. I have a work to do as Chief Medical Officer to give exhortation to Ministers on the way of this infection. 

And to help the clinical calling as they work night and day to spare lives, and having spoken with the First Minister toward the beginning of today, I will keep on concentrating altogether on that activity.

Nicola Sturgeon defended Dr. Catherine:

Dr. Catherine Calderwood
Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland)
Credit: thenational.scot

On Sunday, in a press conference, Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland) tried to defend her. She said that we all, including me, will commit some mistakes in these unprecedented occasions we’re living in.

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