Dr. Congo Judge murdered!

Vital Kamerhe is said to steal 50 Million $ from Public Funds

Dr congo Judge was murdered by being stabbed in the head.

The judge who was being told to have a heart attack while overseeing the corruption trial of the president’s chief of staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo was killed and murdered.

The suspect was stabbed multiple times into the head.

Celestin Tunda Ya Kasenda said that a murder investigation has just been launched, and the culprits would be behind bars.

In the month of May, the police said that Judge Raphael Yanyi dies due to a heart attack, but he further added into the presiding case of the corruption trial of the Vital Kamerhe.

After the autopsy report was just released, it was found out that the cause of the death was no heart attack, but multiple stabbings straight into the head of the Judge, Justice Minister Celestin Tunda Ya Kasende Told the Reuters news on Tuesday,

It was further added that the body of the Yanyi showed the sign of toxic Substance abuse.

Vital Kamerhe:

Mr. Kamerhe, who was the key member of President Felix Tshisekedi’s government, is accused of stealing 50$ Million of public funds.

He denies that he had performed all his duties truthfully and haven’t taken a penny from the funds.

His believers believe that the trial is being run by his haters and is run by his political enemies.

But they are going to vote for him no matter what. Mr. Kamerhe is one of the leaders who is facing a high profile investigation where a politician is being investigated for such a massive amount of money,

The trial is still running after the judge’s death. According to the Media reports, the murder could be connected to Mr. Kamerhe.

But Mr. Kamerhe denied all the allegations. He added that his political enemies are trying their best to ruin his career, but he would succeed in any case put against him.

He also said all of these cases couldn’t harm him in any way.

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