Drake addresses the leaked X-rated video that went viral and sparked an internet meme craze.

The internet went gaga over an X-rated Drake video, not music, as people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. As hundreds of people reacted to the Canadian rapper allegedly appearing nude and performing a sexual act, a leaked “NSFW” video showing Drake appeared on X.

Drake addresses the leaked X-rated video

Drake’s pornographic video becomes widely shared.

Everyone initially believed that the video was a hoax, another example of a deepfake employing artificial intelligence, similar to the one that had been used on Taylor Swift a few weeks prior. No, everything is genuine!

Adin Ross, a well-known Kick streamer who has previously starred alongside Drake in videos, posted a voice message on the footage. Ross states, “We were just looking at the s,” in the video that has been circulated on social media. It’s insane, dude, like, really insane. It’s a blessing that you have a fing missile in addition to being blessed with a voice, stage presence, being you, and being number one.

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Drake’s response to the video leak

The streamer’s voice note could be used as the “next album intro,” according to Ross, who then claimed Drake texted him back, stating, “Put like eight laughing emojis.”

Drake remained silent over the video leak in public.

It is believed that the artist used a private jet to film the video.

See the following amusing responses from internet users:

My search for the Drake leaked video #Drake pic.twitter.com/KkDoqeC1hh

— میاں ندیم عبّاس 🕊️❤️ (@nadeem_vibes4) February 6, 2024

When Taylor Swift’s name appeared in an explicit picture search on the X platform, it was a sign of the annoyance of deepfake. X removed the images and temporarily halted her name search after millions of people saw them on the internet. The website then expressed regret and deleted all of the pictures.


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