Duffield: Four People Family and Dog Found Dead at Home in Woodmancote

Duffield: On Sunday, at 6:45 p.m, police entered into the house as the neighbors reported the police about the murder of four people in a home. According to the detectives, four persons are the members of this family includes parents and two children under 10-years-old.

Family picture of Woodmancote Murders
Credit: BBC.com

standard.co.uk confirms this news: Within 60 minutes, nine police cars, two paramedics vehicles, and unmarked squad cars were present on the scene. Police have restricted the area. And the police also reported that a dog also found dead there. 

By investigating police said that it seems like murder. But no evidence here. We are still investigating.

Chief “Jerry Westerman” gave a statement: This is accepted to be a confined occurrence contained to one property, and in these beginning periods of the investigation, we are not looking for any other person regarding this crime.

During the investigation of Woodmancote murders
Credit: standard.co.uk

Residents may see many police officers here for investigation. If anybody has any information related to this incident, we requested you to come and help us in this investigation. Our considerations are with the family at this difficult and challenging time.

Neighbor’s responses during the investigation:

A neighbor who did not tell his name explained his family relationship with that family as close-knit. He said that we live here very closely, just like a single-family.  

One neighbor, who lives near the house, said: On Sunday, we heard many activities outside. The action began at about 6:55 p.m. However, by 7:15 p.m or 7:20 p.m, when I watched out, there were as many as eight or ten police cars and two or three paramedics vehicles with both checked and unmarked squad cars. 

Four People family killed in Woodmancote
Credit: theargus.co.uk

To see many activities outside a single house, I felt like something significant happened here. Before watching this, I was unaware. 

A villager, “Ian Richardson,” said that before this, I did not hear anything like that. Even I do not know about the people who include in this family. Woodmancote, Duffield people have a very close community. In my opinion, our area has a low crime ratio. 

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