Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan divided parenting duties after the birth of their little princess!

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The news came on the 6th of June 2021, when Meghan Markle gave birth to a female offspring, the second kid of her, and Harry, an advocate told a world news channel. An advocate has said that it is with nice joy that Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess welcome their little princess, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten Windsor, to the world. Baby Lili becomes the younger sister to the couple’s two-year-old son, Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry has now got some parenting duties along with Meghan any doing diaper duty and gets up within the middle of the night once Lili cries. Prince Harry has equal responsibilities of taking care of his and Meghan Markle’s newborn little daughter. The Duke could be a super active father and changes diapers too.

Duke also announced after the birth of her daughter, that he is going to be the most supportive father of Archie and Lili. The things he faced in his childhood which still affects him, his children will not going to face it although he will push them for their dreams whatever they want to be or whatever they want to do, Harry will be there for them.

“Harry Already can’t get enough of her. He and Meghan split parenting duties 50/50. He has no downside at doing diaper duty and gets up within the middle of the night once Lili cries. Obviously having a new born baby takes up heaps of energy particularly once there’s a nestling within the couple too however Harry and Meghan are enjoying each minute of it.” The insider told the media about the parenting techniques Harry and Meghan divided amongst them.

“Harry and Meghan are smitten by Lilibet. They love along with her. Meghan is tired however doing well!” the corporate told the media about how the lives changes of harry and Meghan after the arrival of their second baby. The couple just can’t stop loving her.

The royal couple proclaimed the birth of their female offspring Lili during a statement that by a close insider of the couple where he mentioned that on Sunday morning 11:40 a.m. Lili opened her eye in this world and she was healthy and weighed 7 lbs 11oz at Hospital in Santa Barbara. The couple welcomed their second baby with joy and excitement and loving each and every moment with their little daughter. Prince Archie is also very overjoyed by the birth of his younger sister and he also now plays brother duties.

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