Earthquake California: Earthquake of 6.4 Magnitude Hits California

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Earthquake CaliforniaEarly Friday morning, an initial earthquake of 6.4-magnitude struck a remote part of western Nevada. Many people from Utah to California’s Central Valley authenticated that they felt it.

Earthquake California
Earthquake of 6.4 Magnitude Hits California
Credit: confirms that a Geological Survey geophysicist of the United States said:

The quake happened around 4 a.m. close to the California outskirt, in an isolated part of Nevada close Tonopah, around 120 miles southeast of Carson City.

It is quite a substantial measured earthquake. The earthquake struck 4.7 miles down, causing at least six consequential shocks, which includes two with 5.4-magnitude.

On Friday morning (04:00 a.m) Randy Baldwin (USGS geophysicist) said:

It’s magnificent estimated earth shake. It is challenging to state whether there will be any harm. It’s pretty remote territory, yet it’s a functioning zone. There are flaws in crisscrossing this whole zone.

Lance Cardoza from Fresno, California, said that he felt this earthquake on the twelfth floor, and he also posted the video of his chandelier is swaying and shaking.

A resident of Nevada also posted a video of pans and pots shaking due to the earthquake.

No major damage has been reported in Tonopah yet:

According to the updates of 07:40 a.m, no significant damages from an earthquake or the shock after the quake are reported in Tonopah, Arnold Knightly (Nye County Public Information Officer) said.

When was the last earthquake in California?

California has endured some dangerous tremors over the most recent couple of decades — among them Sylmar in 1971, Whittier Narrows in 1987, Loma Prieta in 1989, and Northridge in 1994.

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