Earthquake in Idaho: A strong magnitude 6.5 hits Idaho.

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Earthquake in Idaho: A strong magnitude 6.5 Richter earthquake shook southern Idaho, United States. The quake, which struck at 5:52 pm local time on Tuesday, centered about 60 kilometers west of Challis, or 151 kilometers northeast of Boise, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The seismic center was found 10 kilometers down, and the epicenter was located close to Beaver Creek along the Salmon River mountains, as per the USGS report. 

The tremor was also felt in neighboring states, including in Salt Lake City in Utah. Details of the damage or victims were not immediately available.

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Boise Police Department

The Boise Police Department has received no reports of damage so far.

Boise Police Department tweeted that they had felt it too. They had not received any report of damage at that time. Stay safe out there, Boise. Call them if they needed them.

Earthquake in Idaho: About 1,080 people live in Challis, and the local press does not collect fatalities or damage.

The Mayor of Stanley (a town of about 60 inhabitants located about 40 kilometers south of the earthquake), Steve Botti, he told the local Idaho Statesman newspaper that he had no knowledge of flaws in his town. However, he assured that the tremor surprised him at home and that “things were flying everywhere.”

Valley County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that they had not got any reports of significant damage or injury. They suggested they check their propane tanks!!.

We hope everyone is okay and safe after that earthquake. We have not received any reports of injury or significant…

Posted by Valley County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Melissa Hawkins, who lives in northwest Boise, said that at first, she had thought it had been thunder, weird thunder. But then the house had been moving, and she had realized that was an earthquake — a really big earthquake. It had felt like it had been in Boise.

For her part, the mayor of Boise, the state capital, Lauren McLean, also assured that no municipal building had suffered damage.

Earthquake in Idaho
Earthquake in Idaho

As usual, Idaho earthquakes tend to occur in the central and southeastern parts of the state. Idaho’s last strong earthquake was in 1983. The Borah Peak earthquake, which was of magnitude 6.9, killed two people in Challis near the earthquake epicenter.

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