Earthquake in Mexico kills 5.

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Earthquake in Mexico
Earthquake in Mexico

A deadly earthquake just struck Mexico’s southern Oaxaca region on Tuesday, killing five people and shaking buildings of miles away.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.4, and I struck mid-morning, according to the officials. The epicenter was off the Pacific coast and about seven miles if southwest of Santa Maria Zaporitlan. It is near the beach resort of Huatulco.

Reports say that the rockfalls have blocked the mountains in the region, cutting off the isolated villages.

The refinery that is run by the state Pemex said that one of the workers fell from a refinery structure, which caused his death, and the earthquake caused the fire in the facility in the city of Salina Cruz.

According to the Mexican President Andres Manuel, LOpes Obrador said that there were around 147 aftershocks reported by noon.

The earthquake was felt in several states. It also triggered some seismic alarms in Mexico City, sending the residents out in the open sky. This is not the first massive earthquake that has been there to jolt Mexico.

In September 2017, an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude quake had struck off the southern coast. It killed at least 60 people. The reports say that Tuesday’s earthquake was near the northern end of the aftershock distribution.

Multiple walls and windows collapsed, and there were also reports of minor damage. The reported deaths were due to the apparent wall of the building falling.

There were also multiple fires reported that were quickly extinguished. Churches’ bridges and highways have also suffered damage during the earthquake.

Corona Virus:

Due to the numerous many tall buildings have been evacuated and people have been told to leave them. Many people gathered after the earthquake happened in the streets. These people were wearing no masks and gloves despite being appealed by the municipals officials for them to do as a way to curb the way of the new coronavirus.

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