Earthquake Los Angeles: 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits on Earth Day in Los Angeles

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Earthquake Los Angles: The magnitude of a 3.7 earthquake hits Los Angeles on Wednesday at midnight local time. 

Earthquake Los Angeles
Earthquake Los Angeles

The shake was focused in the View Park-Windsor Hills region of LA around six miles upper east the Los Angeles International Airport, as per the USGS US Geological Survey. 

There were no prompt reports of wounds or harm. As per The Los Angeles Times, it had a depth of seven miles. 

It happened close to the Newport-Inglewood fault zone, which is viewed as a risk zone for quakes on the grounds that such vast numbers of people live above it, The Times detailed.

According to Fox News, who reported the quake was a magnitude of 3.8.

At any rate, three quakes of 3.0 or higher have been accounted for over the most recent ten days, The Times detailed. 

A greatness 3.5 tremor struck Ridgecrest, Calif., upper east of LA on Saturday, where a magnitude of 7.1 quakes hit in July – only a day after a magnitude 6.4 quake that was the biggest earthquake in the area in two decades, the U.S. Geographical Survey affirmed. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted about noon, “Our Los Angeles Fire Department has initiated to lead its routine survey of the city to survey for any harms. City groups will keep on checking.” 

Earthquake Los Angeles
Earthquake Los Angeles

The tremor was felt at Los Angeles International Airport, yet there were no reports of harm or wounds. A check of air terminal offices was in progress. However, operations were not affected, an airport official said.

People Reaction to Earthquake

@OfficialKat said, “Can earthquakes just not right now.”

@DevonESawa said that that earthquake had been scary cause he just did not need quake right then.

@jamescharles said, “wtf was that an earthquake?!?”

Earthquake Los Angles: Los Angeles sits on various fault lines and usually gets a few little quakes every year. 

In 1933, the fault was responsible for the deadliest quake in the area’s recorded history when a magnitude-6.4 earthquake in Long Beach killed 120 people.

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