Ed Henry fired from fox

ed henry fired from fox

Fox stated that one of its top news anchors had been fired, everybody become curious about this news.

Fox News received a complaint:

After the fox network received a complaint of sexual harassment last week which

was done from years ago. On 5 June fox received a complaint about Ed Henry from an employee involving deliberate sexual misconduct in the office years ago.

Channels Chief executive Suzanna Scott and President Mr. Wallance reaction:

Channels chief executive Suzanne Scott and President Mr. Wallace wrote an email to employees. In the email, they stated that Ed Henry was terminated from his on-air responsibilities

while the third party law firm investigating the whole matter.

they also said

Ed Henry has been terminated due to investigation findings. Wallace and Scott said anchors will fill in for Henry until a permanent

name was replaced by a good candidate. Fox News has strict policies against sexual harassment.

Many women filed lawsuits against fox news, said, fox news is henrys accuser. Henry Joined fox news in 2011 after spending his 7 years at CNN. He covered the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

He was sidelined in 2016 because

of a report who was published in a tabloid magazine. In this report, his extramarital affair was discussed.

In 2019 he donates one part of his liver to save her sister’s life and both siblings were covered,

ed henry fired from fox

he wrote a memoir about his experience. Last year he was promoted

and got too much fame. After fox news side line EdHenry many women came over and complaint against fox news,

these circumstances forced to fire to terminate him. Fox News faced many lawsuits this forced Wallace and Scott to make sweeping changes. People appreciated fox for hiring

outstanding investigators and after firing Henry. Whereas fox didn’t offer details of the

complaint, that was the reason for Henry Firing. Wallace and Scott reminded employees of the fox, it’s not acceptable at all.

they must follow the rules. Henrys co-anchor name Sandra Smith announced news of firing Ed Henry on-air and Fox stated that

Sandra Smith will be a permanent replacement

for Ed Henry rather than a rotating anchor.

TV Anchor Joe Concha said in his tweet.

ed henry fired from fox news
ed henry fired from fox news

Brian Stelter said

ed henry fired from fox news

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