Eddie Murphy Biography- Early Life, Professional Career & Personal Life

Eddie Murphy Biography (May 14, 1930 – October 18, 2014)

Edward Regan as popular known by the name of ‘Eddie’ Murphy is one of the well-known comedian and finest actors of America. He is famously known in his fans for his witty form of the sense of humor and performing funny characters all the time.

 He had a great sense of humor and perfect comedy timing ever since the time of his childhood. As a child, he started performing standup comedy acts in front of his friends and family events. He had always dream about becoming a comedian, but destiny put him into the acting career through which he earned bug fame.  Eddie Murphy got a massive success when he received the role of a comedian in a TV show.

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Early Life Background of Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy date of birth is 3rd April 1961. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His parents are Lillian who was a telephone operator and father, Charles Edward Murphy who was a police officer as well as an amateur comedian. When he was just three years old, his parents got separated, and at the age of 8, he lost his father.

His mother becomes so ill, and for almost one year, he lived in a foster care with his elder brother, Charlie. Eddi calls his father to be his real inspiration for being a perfect comedian today and having a witty sense of humor.

He got his education from ‘Nassau Community College’ during which he also worked as a shoe store clerk as a part-time. He also used to perform in clubs and bars as a standup comedian.

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Behind the Professional Career of Eddie Murphy

In the year 1980, he gives away the audition for the role of ‘NBC’ network’s popular late-night comedy show known as ‘Saturday Night Live!’ for which he was selected. This show made him turned out to be one of the biggest and most famous comedians the show ever had.

In the year 1982, he made an appearance in the first movie of his career as ‘48 Hours’. This film was a success, and Eddie acting skills were hugely appreciated as well. This success made him stepped to the next movie in 1983 named as Trading Places.

In1984, he made himself to be the part of the film, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ that made him reached the heights of fame and success as a superstar. Later on, he was also the part of 1987 sequel known as ‘Beverly Hills Cop II,’ that was also a commercial success.

In 1988 he featured himself in a romantic comedy film as Coming to America from which he received colossal fame. In 1966 he did the movie as ‘The Nutty Professor’ which was another success of his career on the box-office.

Some of his famous films have been Dream Girls, Imagine That, Tower Heist, Thousand Words and Meet Dave.

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Who is Eddie Murphy Wife?

Eddie Murphy got married so many times in his personal life. He has always kept his own life open in front of media and fans. In 1989, his son named as Eric was born from his dating girlfriend, Paulette McNeely.

On 29th November 1990, his second son as Christian was born from his second girlfriend, Tamara Hood. In the year 1988, he started dating Nicole Mitchell, who was a lawyer by profession. They got married in 1993 after having a dating relationship for two years.

 The couple was blessed with five kids. In 2006, Eddie Murphy wife took divorce and ended their 13 years of relationship. After taking divorce, he went into dating relation with Melanie Brown, who was an actress. In 2007, she gave birth to a baby girl as Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Eddie Murphy children have never made an appearance in front of media.

In 2008, he got married to a film producer Tracey Edmonds in a private wedding event. But they got separated after few days of wedding relation, and Eddie went into dating relation with Paige Butcher.

In 2016, Paige gave birth to a baby girl as Izzy Oona Murphy. The couple got engaged in September 2018. They had their second child as a son named Max Charles Murphy who was born in 2018.


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