Edinson Cavani is pleased with his initial goals for Valencia.

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Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani is pleased to have scored his first goal for Valencia.

The striker scored twice as Valencia and Elche tied 2-2.

Cavani stated, “What you seek is the victory and the three points. It was what we desired, and we worked for it. These events occur. You must look forward, reflect on your accomplishments as well as your faults, and then make the necessary corrections. You must continue to improve in order to have better games and a successful season.

“It is valid. You must believe that everything balances out. In the first half, we were by much the superior team, but in the second half, they were the superior team for several minutes.

Such is football. There are times and occurrences in which you must be more dependable. You must extract the positives in order to continue performing them and the negatives in order to remedy them.

Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani

“The ability to score always brings happiness. In addition to achieving goals, teamwork is of utmost importance. It was one of my greatest desires to score goals in front of the crowd. It has occurred, and we must now move forward. We must believe that we have a point and concentrate on the future.

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“I participated in only one arrow celebration. The second time I didn’t do it since VAR requires you to wait and prevents you from celebrating. It was a great feeling to score in front of the Valencia CF fans, and hopefully these are only the beginning.

Edinson Cavani

“My ankle is quite sore. Now we must work to recover for the upcoming game and whatever may follow. We will continue with the conviction that we are a strong team that can continue to progress, win, and get all three points.”

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