Education: Gavin Williamson Says “No Plans for the Reopening of UK Schools”

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Education: Gavin Williamson (Education Secretary) said that he could not tell any date about the reopening of the schools of the United Kingdom. However, according to some reports, there is the possibility of reopening after three weeks. 

Mr. Gavin Williamson (Education Secretary of UK)

Mr. Williamson said that he didn’t need anything more than to see the youth come back to their educational institutes. But we cautioned any unwinding of the pandemic lockdown measures must be stepped through after the completion of five essential tests.

It came after “Michael Gove” denied the proposals that the Government had drawn up plans for a three-layered relaxation of limitations.

In these plans, they decided to continue some business and educational institutes for some time. That’s mean, business and educational system will work like traffic lights. Some days of the week, factories and other shops will remain opened and some days educational institutes. confirms, speaking at the street conference of daily Downing Mr. Gavin Williamson said:

Mr. Gavin Williamson

Many people are waiting for the time when we will decrease the restrictions on the lockdown. When are schools going to open? 

Of Course, I also want to open all the systems and reduce all the restrictions. I also want to see the students enjoying their studies in their classrooms. But try to understand, we cannot ignore the situation.

I am unsure. I cannot give you a final date. Because to follow this, we need to meet the five tests.

On Thursday, the Education Secretary repeated the five tests previously sketched out by Dominic Raab. 

It incorporates securing the NHS’s capacity to adapt, guaranteeing a drop in the daily death rates. And also, having trustworthy information to show the rate of infection is diminishing to reasonable levels.

Furthermore, Mr. Williamson said:

At the point when we can be confident that we have met these five key-points, we can consider getting the youth into schools again and start their learning system again.

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