Eight Years of Sandy Hook Incident. Billie Jean king Recalls The Sorrow.

It’s been 8 years since the deadly incident that happened at the massacre at Sandy Hook in Newton, CT that took the precious lives of 26. Billie Jean King shows condolence to those dead ones. Billie Jean King is a well-known American tennis player. She has won 39 grand slam titles and 12 in singles. 

Eight Years of Sandy Hook Incident. Billie Jean king Recalls The Sorrow.
Eight Years of Sandy Hook Incident. Billie Jean king Recalls The Sorrow.

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Eight Years Ago, On December 14, 2012. The Sandy Hook elementary school was targeted by 20 years old Adam Lanza. He shot and killed 26 precious lives.

The num of 26 people includes 20 children and 6 adults who were staff members. This incident happened in Newtown, Connecticut, United States. A day before, he shot and killed his own mother at their Newtown home. While driving towards the school. After shooting all of them, he committed suicide.

When the very 1st responder arrived on the spot, he shot himself in the head and commit suicide. In November 2013, According to a statement, Adam Lanza was all alone in this attack.


He planned it with no help and was the only man behind this incident. He left no clue or message why he did that neither recorded any specific reason or enmity behind specifically targeting the school.

The report was issued by the Connecticut state attorney’s office in November 2014, during an investigation, a report issued by the office of the child advocate states, Adam Lanza has suffered from depression, anxiety, and excessive compulsive disorder in his teens and had Asperger syndrome, but could not reveal the reason behind it. 

  • This incident was the 1st deadliest mass at the elementary or high school in the United States and the fourth-deadliest mass all over the world. This horrible lead to the strictness in who could have the gun and restricts the weapon authority in the United states. It further includes the background check system universally for security. It also limited the formation. The New federal and state gun legislation banned the sale and manufacture of certain types of weapons. Semi-automatic firearms and magazines with more than ten rounds were banned. This spread terror in the people of the US.

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