Elon Musk’s shared that he’s recently working on a chip named Neuralink startup

Elon Musk shared shocking information about Neuralink

Elon Musk’s shared that he’s recently working on a chip named Neuralink startup. This chip will allow wearers to stream music directly into their brains shocking!
The technology entrepreneur has claimed its not a joke it will stream music directly into your brain and give you excellent outcomes.

Mr. Musk who is currently the head of Space X and Tesla reveals pieces of information about this new startup chip. And also he hinted that more information will reveal in next month on twitter, kinda exciting huh?

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Elon Musk responding to a scientist and confirmed that Neuralinks’ technology will give people to listen to music without AirPods. They will listen to music directly from our Neuralink chips.
He said that this chip will also help to control the hormone level. And use them to our advantage and enhances wearers abilities and responding to an event.
At the 2019 event, Mr. Musk said that it works like a sewing machine, will provide a direct connection from the computer to your brain.
Is this is the part of artificial intelligence? They want people who will behave like a robot or anything else.

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Firstly this chip was decided to use as a treatment for the brain. It is designed to help people suffering from brain diseases such as Parkinson. But they said the ultimate aim of this chip is to enhance human abilities and compete with advanced artificial intelligence.
The chip will be fitted with laser eye surgery like procedure, Mr. Musk said. Neuralink has a neurosurgical mini-robot that will fit flexibly into threads of the brain. And then, connect your brain to the computer.

Mr. Musk posted 11 jobs

Mr. Musk posted 11 jobs related to this chip on the website. Jobs are mechanical engineer, robotics software engineers, and a histologist.
Mr. Musk tweeted that if you are a person who can easily solve hard problems. With phones and wearables please consider working at Neuralink.
Which means that Neuralink is not ready yet. Another claim that Mr. Musk shares that this chip can cure depression, this news is kinda exciting. Trials have already been done at different animals

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