Emmerdale: Rosie describes the latest strategy for Gabby Thomas

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Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham describes the shock of the latest strategy for Gabby Thomas

“She’s trying to prove herself to Kim.”

Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham has explained the nasty plot of her character Gabby Thomas to cause Dawn Taylor trouble.

In tonight’s episode (February 8), Gabby plans to have Dawn fired from Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits Centre, aiming to ruin her credibility.

The upcoming scenes see the wallet of Bear Wolf mysteriously missing from The Hide, and due to her history of bad behavior, all eyes are on Dawn. Sure enough, they found the wallet in Dawn’s purse, and the angry Jai Sharma sacked her. As Kim Tate spots Gabby smirking in triumph, she knows that the troubled teenager has framed dawn. Speaking about the scenes to Digital Spy and other media, Rosie explained: “Now that Gabby is working at The Hide, she’s trying to prove herself to Kim. That’s why she’s planting the wallet of Bear in the bag of Dawn.”

When Dawn is framed, and Kim catches on to that, Gabby is behind the counter laughing. At Home Farm, Kim pulls Gabby to the side and asks, ‘That was you. ‘

Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham describes the shock of the latest strategy for Gabby Thomas
Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham describes the shock of the latest strategy for Gabby Thomas

Gabby doesn’t explicitly confirm it was her, but after watching the CCTV, Kim finds out. Gabby kicks herself and feels she immediately blew something up. She’s concerned that Kim’s going to think she’s not going to have potential.

With all, Kim has always been so intriguing, and Gabby wants to prove that she can do that too. So that’s one of her two motivations: to show Kim how much promise she has.

Without things going wrong, Gabby attempts to prove herself again, but things could go wrong again! She wants to join the little kingdom of Kim, and she loves the influence Kim has.

Gabby gets attached to Jamie and everything he offers her, but it’s primarily about what she can achieve for herself. I think it will just launch her into something new and exciting to be at Home Farm.

Gabby was abandoned and left to her own devices, so she’s struggling for some publicity she can get.

“She’s so lonely deep down. If someone sees Gabby’s talent, she’ll be hooked on it.

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