Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas BABY BOMB , pregnant after one nightstand with Kim Tate

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Gabby Thomas pregnant after one night stand with jamie tate
Gabby Thomas pregnant after one night stand with jamie tate

After a one-night stand that ends in a power struggle with Kim Tate at Home Farm, EMMERDALE’S Gabby C Thomas is scheduled to become a mother for the first time in 2021.

Tonight (February 5), Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate leaves Gabby Thomas heartbroken after sleeping at Home Farm together.

After his feud with the Dingle family spiraled out of control, Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) invited Ashley Thomas to spend the night with him and left him facing an angry backlash from everyone.

Jamie manages to keep his mum Kim (Claire King) from finding out last night that gabby Thomas Harvard (Rosie Bentham) was the mystery person in his bedroom in Friday’s show.

Gabby Thomas pregnant after one night stand with jamie tate

It seems that Jamie may already regret his decision, as when she suggests spending more time together, he’s frosty towards Gabby.

Later at The Hide, after their recent argument, Jamie concentrates his energies on making amends with Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

Jamie has real Dawn feelings and wants her back on his side again, but Gabby is furious to see that they’re both moving on together from their night.

Gabby, refusing to be fucked up, approaches Jamie and insists that she know where she stands. But is Jamie going to let her down or reveal his mean side again politely?

Emmerdale bosses have already indicated that in the coming days, Gabby will stay fixated on Jamie, also scheming to get Dawn fired from the HOP.

A significant new storyline will also soon see Gabby learn that Jamie’s baby is pregnant.

Recently, Emmerdale producer Sophie Roper told Digital Spy and other media: “We have another new arrival that is set to cause shockwaves through the village as Jamie learns that for the second time, after a night with Gabby, he will become a father!”

Gabby is no stranger to living in a big house, but when Kim figures out that there’s going to be a new claimant to the throne at Home Farm, the fight for control is going to take place very quickly.

“But as Gabby finds herself at the center of a family at war, will she succumb to the manipulations at Home Farm, or will she end up being the one who pulls strings? So we’ve got big drama at Home Farm to keep us going through 2021.”

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