Empress Njamah Leak Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit

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The Nollywood actress Empress Njamah confirmed Tuesday that she is alive and well – a few days after her video was leaked on twitter and reddit.

Her estranged fiance George Wade has been in the news for trying to blackmail her with leaked photos that he has in his possession.

A viral video showed the actress thanking her fans for their support and reassuring them that she is well. She said,

‘ Love you guys, I’m good, Thank you, guys, for all the love, support, and messages and visits.’

She slammed her ex-lover in the video. She said, “I’m alive, I came out alive and I’m able to speak out, so many women are hiding under this torture, this torment, last-last, we move. I’m excited about my freedom.”

In a Livestream on her business Instagram, Njamah accused her ex-fiance of physically assaulting her after the couple separated in 2022.

As soon as Wade learned about her revelation, he released a video where he threatened her.

“You actually don’t know what’s coming. Trust me, I swear to God you don’t know what’s coming. Everything that I said to you, I think you consider it to be a joke. But trust me it’s not a joke. I know your day-to-day activities. I know everything you do on a daily basis,” he had said.

Empress Njamah Twitter Video

A video purportedly showing Empress Njamah in the buff was leaked online by George Wade, Empress Njamah’s former fiance.

The reports began after he added several users to his WhatsApp group, where he allegedly posted videos he had taken of the actress,..

In 2022, after the couple split up, Njamah blamed her “ex-fiance” for beating her in a Livestream on her professional Instagram account.

As soon as the video was posted online, many Nigerians criticized Wade for what they perceived to be an irrational and cruel act.

Empress Njamah Leak Video Can be Watch Here

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