Episode 4 of ‘House of the Dragon’ Teaser Trailer Reveals Daemon as “King” and Rhaenyra in Peril

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house of dragons

The third episode of House of the Dragon revealed that Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) has a younger brother, giving her father Viserys (Paddy Considine) the male successor he has long coveted. While Viserys affirms to Rhaenyra that she would rise to the Iron Throne, Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) informs daughter Alicent (Emily Carey) that the realm will never accept a queen.

Instead, her adorable two-year-old son Aegon will be king. Elsewhere, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) hacked in half the Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith), and Seasmoke came on the scene. However, what will happen next? Let’s see what House of Dragon Episode 4’s promo suggests…

Well, well, well…it appears that following his victory in the Stepstones, Prince Daemon Targaryen has begun referring to himself as King of the Narrow Sea. Rhaenyra will discover that Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy is in fact buried everywhere (Oh, wait, he claims that “they” gave him that name; who are “they” and why do I assume it’s just him?). Oh, plus there exists some type of scandalous tale regarding Rhaenyra. However, the teaser emphasizes once more that Viserys has created a succession dilemma that will follow in his wake. He may have promised Rhaenyra the throne, but that does not imply the kingdom has suddenly abandoned its misogyny.

From the reappearance of Caraxes to the propagation of a horrific rumor concerning Rhaenyra, let’s analyze the House of the Dragon Episode 4 preview.

house of dragons

What Is in the Teaser Trailer for Episode 4 of House of the Dragon?

The significance of Aegon the Conqueror’s prophetic dream concerning the White Walkers is reiterated in the teaser, which precedes any plot-related information. We also discover that the catspaw knife, which in Game of Thrones nearly killed Bran Stark but did kill Littlefinger and the Night’s King, has a secret inscription etched into its Valyrian steel. Rhaenyra picks up the dagger, which is illuminated by the heat of the fire, and reads, “From my blood will come the prince who was promised…and his will be the Song of Ice and Fire.” The second portion of the quote is accompanied by pensive shots of Otto, Daemon, and Alicent.

While someone skulks by Balerion’s skull and Viserys pompously dons his golden crown, we hear Viserys say, “The House of the Dragon will endure for another generation.” If you watch the trailer with YouTube’s closed captions enabled, you’ll notice that the next offscreen voice is attributed to “Street Performer,” indicating that the commoners are extremely skeptical of Viserys’s chosen heir. The voice asks, “Who is it?” The brother? ” as a dressed-up Rhaenyra watches Daemon (wearing a driftwood crown) enter court. Daemon informs Viserys, “They have crowned me King of the Narrow Sea,” to which Viserys does not appear happy.

The Street Performer subsequently inquires, “The daughter?

Rhaenyra is seen holding court with Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) in the background. Viserys states, “Your courtship is over,” implying that he is growing impatient with the agreement he made with her in Episode 3 to choose her own husband. We shift to a tense scenario between a father and daughter in which the daughter replies, “So I can cure your political headaches?” ” And Viserys growls, “You are my political headache.” (Oh no, Dad!) The Street Performer then inquires, “Or the three-year-old princeling? ” We observe Alicent bounce a baby by a palace window.

house of dragons

We move to Rhaenyra in the godswood with tears in her eyes, crying, “This is a horrible accusation.” There is a short cut of hands holding hands and a hooded shadow disappearing into the darkness. Viserys wonders, “Who is responsible for this gossip? I shall steal their eyeballs,” declares Big V in a tone we haven’t frequently heard from him. A voiceover from Alicent explains, “It is not in Rhaenyra’s nature to be deceptive. I cannot say the same for your brother,” accompanied by a scene of Alicent sipping wine from a golden cup à la Cersei Lannister.

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There is then a shot of Daemon wearing a hood, a quick cut of a street performer performing a trick, Rhaenyra dressed as a thug running through the night, Viserys holding Daemon off the throne with his sword Blackfyre, and Ser Criston warning the people on a ship to take cover as a red dragon — likely Caraxes — flies overhead.

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