Episode Update for Naagin 6: Prathana Is Next Sarvasrestha Naagin – September 24, 2022

David Smith
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For all you thrill-seekers out there, the highly awaited Saturday, September 24, 2022, episode of your favorite TV drama “Naagin 6” will finally be able to deliver the high-voltage drama and action you’ve been waiting for. While Pratha can see Prathna occasionally and has a sense of her presence, she wishes she could see her face even once. That way, she can figure out why she feels so uneasy after a stranger’s touch and who she truly is.

Anmol and Rudra’s knot-tying ceremony has trumped everyone, with the entire family preparing for the performance since they expect their wedding to be great. That’s why, at the outset, Pratha tells her to clear the road by cutting down any bushes that might threaten the happy couple on their wedding day; after all, it’s their special day, and Pratha doesn’t want anything to ruin it.

Then, realizing that time is running out and that they need to get their act together, she searches for the remaining items, only to realize that this is all a dream sequence involving Rudra.

Meanwhile, Rudra comes to his senses and declares, “Soon, my dream will come true, all by itself,” since he witnesses the chaos within the company now that the terrorists have surrounded them and set the building on fire.


Then, without further ado, Rudra arrives to aid the staff and dispatch them so that he may control the situation with the help of the administration team and simultaneously make a choice to involve authorities. So that they can come and round up the slackers without more ado.

Despite these developments, the arrival of a new Naagin continues to generate heated debate amongst all parties involved, with some believing that the Naagin could be harmful to her and others suggesting that it could be beneficial.


Some people have speculated that earlier, Naagin would return to the present. Thus it will be interesting to watch who emerges as the new Naagin. As a result, it’s clear that many people are excited to witness the show; make sure you tune in to Colours at the proper time, and if you want more information, stay glued to us and follow trending searches.

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