Eric Trump clarified his statement of being “part” of the LGBT community

President Trump’s son Eric Trump said after a television interview on Tuesday that he does not belong to the LGBT community.

Friends of the Trump family told The Post that a few hours before the first debate between his father and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

It all started when Eric Trump was asked about the lesbian New Yorker who supported the president on Fox and Friends.

 It’s incredible.

You should see how they do their best for my father every day. I am part of that community and we love this person, thank you You protect our community, and thank you for protecting our city, Trump said.

Trump later told The Post that he was only trying to explain what LGBT supporters said to his father.

“Personally, as far as I know, I am the happy marriage of my wife Lara,” said Trump, 36, who worked with Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump married, and he has two children with him.

Trump also stated that he is not bisexual.

He held leadership positions in leading his father’s business empire and often communicated with supporters.

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Original text (9/29/2020):

 In the past few weeks, there seems to have been a concerted effort to greet a group of unnamed, anonymous Donald Trump supporters. Hornet’s first report first found that respondents to an online poll they conducted stated that they would vote for Trump — a journalism that was labeled by experts as “clickbait, sloppy”.

Then, an expert said that there were a large number of gay workers working for the Republican Party on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday, the “New York Times” and Bret Stephens (Bret Stephens) entered the competition, the interview portrays a lesbian woman named Chris (Chris), and plans to vote for Tron general.

But in a round of news interviews that commented on the press, Trump’s son Eric Trump issued a statement, which is circulating.

The host Ainsley Earhardt told Eric Trump in the clip: “There are many people who may be voting for your father.” “So, do you count on this person? ‘Secret voters?'”

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