Erik Harris, Entering The NFL Through Many Hurdles, Turned Out To Be A Main Player For Raiders

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Erik Harris’ entry into the NFL was full of twists and turns. Now he has made it and is taking complete advantage of this. Oakland Raiders safety, Harris, was able to snag two interceptions, and one of these he actually took to the house. This was in his team’s exciting 26-24 victory that was over Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night. This was even more impressive due to his meandering path leading him to the NFL.

Background of Raiders star player

This 29-year-old was able to shine at safety, particularly for the impressive California University of Pennsylvania Vulcans. However, he did not get chosen within the 2012 NFL Draft succeeding his graduation. He was also not invited to any professional minicamp.

Harris decided to move to New Oxford, Pennsylvania. Here he started working for the local Utz factory. This is a potato chip factory. Due to this background, it is impressive how well he played for his team.

Harris persevered and refused to end his football goals. He went back to school so as to train whilst working at a part-time job. This was at UPS. He was working in the night shift. After this, he went to Buffalo, New York. Here he paid $80 so as to work out particularly for the prestigious Hamilton Tiger-Cats. This was of the Canadian Football League.

New Orleans Saints noticing Harris before Raiders

The tryout did go well. He was able to record three interceptions, 82 tackles, as well as four sacks. This was in his three years that were with the franchise. This was sufficient for the wonderful New Orleans Saints to notice.

It was Sean Payton along with a company that brought Harris to the Big Easy which was in February 2016. After a day, he signed an exciting deal that would allow him to pursue his passionate NFL dreams. This 6-foot-3 and 220-pounder mainly played upon special teams when he was in Louisiana, however succeeding seeing time within only four games, Harris tore his ACL. He was later on released from the team.

Harris entry into the Raiders

The Raiders then signed him after four days, but his career in Oakland claimed to be relatively slow in the beginning. He was able to only take four defensive snaps throughout the complete 2017 season. He was able to find his stride the next year. Harris registered 36 tackles along with two interceptions. These were in the 16 games that he was able to play in.

In 2019 Harris performed much better. He has been able to amass 38 total tackles, along with three interceptions, as well as two touchdowns across nine games. This is true, impressive.

Oakland Raiders impressive play

The Oakland Raiders were able to edge LA Chargers and that for a second exciting win in only five days. The Raiders are squarely within the AFC playoff race and that with 5-4 record. It was Derek Carr who was able to get another late winning drive. The sealing defensive play was delivered by Karl Joseph.

This may not have occurred easy; however, the Oakland Raiders were able to pull out another wonderful victory which has placed them squarely within the AFC playoff race.

It was Josh Jacobs who scored on an impressive 18-yard run and that with 1:02 remaining moreover the Raiders pulled out a second thriller in only five days. This allowed them to beat Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night.

A repeat performance occurred from Sunday at the time that Carr’s late TD pass that went to Hunter Renfrow, as well as Joseph’s pass breakup within the end zone, was able to deliver a wonderful 31-24 win over Detroit. The late-game heroics were able to come after Philip Rivers energetically threw a six-yard pass that was to Austin Ekeler which allowed the Chargers (4-6) and a 24-20 lead within only 4:02 remaining.

These are only some highlights of the exciting Raiders game. Erik Harris is indeed an impressive player and wowed all with his performance. It is amazing thinking of how he persevered and did not let circumstances deter him from pursuing his passion. Let’s see what the future holds for him.

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